Monday, September 3, 2007

Bush, heading Down Under,drops in on Anbar Alamo

Opting for the scenic route to Cobber John's billabong, the Yellow Rose+posse snuck into Anbar's newest U.S bastion of Iraqi Freedom (Code name: Alamo Alternative) surprising+delighting:

1/Many bought+paid for Sunni Sheiks.

2/Happy Leathernecks, who, thanks to advanced training techniques, produced some hearty "Hoohas" when prompted by the fluffers.

3/Wolf (The Pupster) Blitzer+recently retired KKKarl.

Notable Noshows for the Leader/CinC, were throngs of flower strewing civilians,perhaps distracted by their usual Labour Day pursuits such as burying their dead+finding water.

Emboldened by the success of the Plastic Turkey Gambit in his earlier Thanksgiving Surprise, Fearless brought a little taste of home (Papier Mache Big Macs) for the troops.

Obviously, the junket is unrelated to highly anticipated Report now being packaged+polished in Karen Hughes' rumpus room.

Upbeat+enthusiastic, in spite of rumours of war with Iran, the Prez was delighted with Sunni hospitality, particularly the ancient custom of providing a small petting goat to honoured guests.