Friday, September 7, 2007

At the Heart of "Dover Beach"

Once upon a time, autumn was a time of misty fruition and the harvest brought joy, made us mellow.
Now, approaching the ides of September, we earthlings are subsumed in a toxic fog of fear+confusion.

"Sad faces, painted over with magazine smiles", but ya gotta have heart.

We are sad because we are angry and our anger is rooted in what we have sown, seen through glass, darkly tinted by fear+ignorance.

The conceit of specieal superiority has led to our polluting of the Biosphere such that cascading consequences are now beyond mitigation. Hubris begets Nemesis.

Gaia, having dealt with many uppity species, has time aplenty.

Meanwhile, our current trivial pursuits, slandering+slaughtering each other, continue, not just apace, but with increasing velocity.

In the current jargon there is something called "The Free World" nominally led by Himself, the Decider, a profoundly ignorant coward, marginally skilled at cheerleading a minority of witless bumpkins, and the rest of us, those frightful Others.

The widely predicted sound+fury, this fall in Washington, will be just a whimper, although bangs will continue elsewhere because of KKKarl's Texas savvy in manipulating the myth of U.S exceptionalism; they're all cattle-no hat, albeit well intentioned, like most of us Others.

So while ignorant armies continue to clash and the bomb loving, apocolyptic, G.O.P. (God's Own Pubics) continue to enthrall+hold sway, don't worry, be happy; we are all collateral damage in the end.

Be kind, do unto others, enjoy yourself, its later than you think.