Friday, September 7, 2007

Fearless, adrift in OZ

Exuding the suave diplomacy for which he is famous, Barbie's Little Georgie (B.A History, Yale) charmed the Austrian locals at the OPEC meeting today with a spirited defence of Miss Teen S. Carolina, recently mis-underestimated by all+sundry in both the MSM+Blogisphere. (See 30 AUG '07 below)

Arbusto, fresh from kicking ass in Anbar, later dazzled Asian delegates at the karaoke, when, in his tribute to NOLA survivors he warbled a zylophone version of Dr. Jim's "I was in the wrong place, but it must have been the right wing".

Atoning for his testiness regarding the 59 year+counting Korean "Police action", "See, I like to keep 'em on their fingers, a little confusion is sweet" he quipped.

Queried on Osama's recent video, he allowed that "Anybody pickin' on Hillary" was jock with him and " besides, I gots me some coffins to top up".