Sunday, September 9, 2007

Steve's singular sense of style

In goose step with neocons everyehere,our Rt. Hon. P.M.,is picky/choosy about Laws, some he likes, some, not so much.

Unperturbed by the unilateral + compleat contravention of all Law (Common, Canadian, U.S. and International) since the Magna Carta, by his chum_ (The final 'p' is silent, as in swimming) G2, Harper continues to ignore the tradgedy of a Canadian child being held, by G2, without warrant or recourse, in Cuba.
Guantanemera!, go figure.

"See, the kid has a 'funny ' name", Omar Khadr.

No habeas, no process, five years in Gitmo during which, his U.S. Torquamada's have repeatedly tortured+abused him to the extent that his few remote interlocutors now describe him as terminally damaged both physically+mentally.

The apocryphal 'charges' include:
1/ His extended family knows the Bin Ladens, (Albeit not nearly as imtimately as the Bush Gang)
2/ While visiting relatives in Afghanistan, their home, where he was staying, was attacked by elements of U.S. Special forces using, amongst other ordinance, two 500 lb. "Bunker Buster" bombs, killing everyone but him.
3/ As the only survivor of this initial onslaught, the brave marines threw grenades at him while he lay wounded in the rubble.
4/ He managed to throw one back and the subsequent explosion killed one of his attackers and wounded others.

At the time he was 15 years old.

Of course Omar's real crime is "Otherness".

'See', Khadr's a Muslim and according to Steve's mentors in all things neo-con (The Yellow Rose, Luntz, Conrad et al), Muslim=Islamo-fascist terrorist, heathens who hate our whatevers.

Sadly, some Canadians are just (Harper's) base enough to (s)wallow all this drivel.

When queried regarding a prank at APEC (See Flags...below) Harper allowed "Its a matter for (local) law enforcement".

Now, while our brave troops are dying (Pari passu, under G2's command+"Smart bombs") to bring 'Freedom to Afghanis', particularly women, our Leader has detected a pressing peril in our polling booths, hijabs+burkas

All those who agree that this is a Front Burner, Elevated Alert, National Security issue, hands up, then try to find your fundaments with either, or both, paws..

Actually Steve, here in 'Soviet Canuckistan', we have (Local+ federal) laws regarding establishment of identity, at the poll, by citizens who may wish to vote,

Of the three main options available to us, a neighbour can vouch for us or, any two pieces of authentic, coincident, government issued I.D. that proves residence will suffice; its the law.

Photographic identification is another option, unlikely to be chosen by those of us who wear the hijab in public places such as polling booths.

That's the law, our law, decided law, and if you find this law upsets you and the rest of the bigoted morons among us, call Parliament to order, put it to a vote.

All parliamentarians swear an oath to Her Majesty and by extention, to uphold our laws, not indulge in racist cant.

Ex parte whining aside, if you or anyone has any evidence of how hijabs imperil the nation, or soccer matches, show us.

Better yet, let's have an election, soon, before Ramadan, or Christmas, or Hanukkah, or Divali so that having done something useful, we can celebrate, tous emsemble.

Some of us expect a little more than jingoistic whimsy from our P.M.

Quit embarassing us, worldwide; oh, and that (shooting?) vest you fancy in photo ops, lose it.

It makes you look heavy, not in a good way.

cc Jeanne Becker, Fashion TV.