Wednesday, September 19, 2007

"Shoot Me the Juice, Bruce"

After recent tryouts in Miami, the revival of the original L.A musical production of "Orenthal Arrestes" has opened in Vegas for an extended run, guaranteed: thru 20 Jan 09.

The score, losely woven around the '65 hit "I fought the law and the law won," has been tweaked by an script-doctor known only as the running K~TB~R, an old western brand.

Songs in the show feature terrific hooks reminiscent of the smooth stylings of the Texas Troubadors whose ex-lead is now looking to form a new group due to the recent retirements of most of TT's original ensemble.

The book, loosely based on the noteriety of Jack Johnson, Jesse Owens, Joe Louis and yon Cassius of Louisville, is a cautionary tale for uppity folk everywhere.

Wildly popular with the public, although early reviews are mixed, this mounting bids fair to be a useful divertimento in these troubled times.