Friday, September 21, 2007

"War, at home, may abash Xmas Spending and Rendering" warns W.H.

G2+ His Posse, are fully engaged in an epic saga of will, and of wits, dim, dumb, fuck, half and nit.

Watch, as their rollicking adventures span the globe in these strangely, turbulent times.

Hey, economy's sweeet, why Halliburton, awash with cash, as they say on the Street, will soon announce the acquision of Blackwater as their new division for in-home security, stateside.

BW, in turn, will take over two of America's most beloved brands, KKK+NRA, to fulfill anticipated manpower and equipment needs.

Rollout for the new "Snug as a Bug" campaign is expected next Spring. (Consulting by, Delay+ Ass-o-shites)

Afghanistan? Iraq? That's such old news.

"Screw the buffet, let's do Luncheon at the Carlyle."

"Just a little info for our file."

So Mrs. R., any sign of Joltin' Joe, lately?

Coo, coo, ca choo.