Wednesday, September 12, 2007

"Push Polling", Harper's Roving Draws Raves from Rubes

Predictably, Steve's clarion to Canucks concerning scarves is a huge success spreading fear+loathing across the Dominion forced, by scheduling issues, to go eight weeks per annum without advice from Coaches' Corner on the Satanic nature of furriners.

See, Steve gets snippy over Laws, even those recently amended by Steve+The Boyz,(C-31: sub: voter ID), when they seem to conflict with his political trump card, petty, pathetic pandering.

Channeling the late great Emilie LaTella, on SNL, not even being wrong is powerfully persuasive polity.

Pose a false premise, sing a silly syllogism, concoct a cuckoo conclusion, conflate with current crazes, call for Swift ack-shon and the Boats slip+proceed. Beauty eh?

This "Story" has it all. Sex, racism, xenophobia, F+L, terror, fundamentalism (viz. definition of, this site),and bestest,a well tended audience ever alert for the opportunity to "Ride off in every direction".

Congrats, Steve, honoris causa, you've successfully advanced to grade 2 in KKKarl's extention school for neoconnery+dark arts(Hogwash).
Next semester: Righteous Reactionarianism.

N.B. Lexis nexus ca. discovers nowt on voter fraud involving hats etc. but ya never know, if Grandma had wheels she could be a bus.

P.S. This sorry saga is clearly unrelated to By-elections en La Belle Province.

Je me souviens.