Wednesday, September 26, 2007

"O'Reilly really kicks it up a crotch"

Having recently discovered, heretofore unsuspected, hospitality skills and oddly appropriate demeaner amongst luncheonettes/ites in Harlem, Bogside Billy weighed in again today.

See, like Lush Bimbo, Shun Honestly and Ayn Colder, our Puckish Boyo is scavaging for market share way down amongst the vinegarish lees.

Those few, deeply unhappy souls, who unhand their 'serpents' long enough to tithe+subscribe to the curious notions of the Gory Odious Pubics.

(See folks, its a carnival, just like the Band told us, the trick is to put the hoop on the oil barrel.

For the Rubes down the side there's Tittilatin' T+A, And NHL, NFL, NAS CAR, WWF, DOE, DHS, DOD, UFO's And Ye Olde Guessing Booth.

"Why neighbour,if we don't know Everything (Neccessary) About You, in ten seconds, we'll just have tuh increase, Yr. Airmiles! Now walk this way."

New Contest: All submissions welcome.


GOP,KKK, NRA, CIA, DEA, KGB, DOJ and GWB with either Attack Certified Pitbulls or the Sermon on the Mount.)

Enaways, secumming to the entreaties of his prime sponsers, Gold Bug Bullion Bulls, Bill has added a leacherous Leprecon, who suffers from leprosy, to his daily lineup.

"It's a twofer, adds a whimsical edge to my smooth Celtic charm and gives me a 'sidekick' whose zany slurs I can repeat with impugnity" adding "being shorter than me, I often hold my own, with him, and besides, he's mighty handy with a loofah for those hard to reach places."

Shamus O'Really, expressed delight with his new 'sin-u-cure' and was hopeful that when his six year probation, with the vulpine visionary, is completed, and the medicaid kicks in, he can apply for a new nose, as what's left of his truncated septum will certainly get a robust workout on the show.

On today's program, welcoming sponser Monsanto's breakthrough substitute "Milkish"(Tm) to the fold, Wee Liam is expected to shine a much needed, and critical light, on the dark art of breast feeding, 'so called,' babies.

Tune in to hear the "Will E. Chamoix Grope," as wags will surely dub the duo, do the "Washroom Rag" and croon the lilting lullaby "Sure-a-loo-adora," their haunting tribute to erstwhile senator Larry.

Keep Yr. hanky handy, Andy.

Moving-on and getting organized here, some blogwits wonder how long this Bullshit Blarney can bojangle on the narrow defile, between inciteful+jejeune, recently re-christened the Imus Isthmus.

How narrow? As the waist on a Grecian vas, only deferens.


"Erin go braless!"