Monday, September 10, 2007

Monday, Monday

Among the latest syncophantic sophmoric spinners, setting us straight on the real world, to emerge fully blown, from G2's W.H., my favourite is Fran(Frau Blucker)Townsend.

In a star turn on the MSM sunday, she amplified Fearless's dictum "See,I'll git 'em.... 'Dead or alive'......'Bring it on'....I....uh.. really don't...ya know...know where he is....don't...uh... think..about it....uh...much" with the stunning news that OBL is not only irrelevant, he's the leading candidate to succeed Bob Dole championing nifty remedies for the terrible scourge of --- ah, E.D.

In the sweet bye+bye how will we explain cialis ads, on the evening news, to our Grandparents?

Entre nous, 4 hours is chump change for us Tantrics.

In other breaking news, rising to defend the honour of a sweet Canadian maiden, Kid Rock decks Tommy, top lad! Watch this space for defence fund details.

"The Battle of the Network Stars should be fought with live ammo" Lily T.

NFL resumes nonstop challenges,timeouts,viagra ads,lots of inciteful colour (See that Bubba,a reverse is when someone goes the other way!) Amazin' Bills find a way......again!

Not one word on the lateness of Pat Tillman, Hooha!

John(The Walrus)Bolton chides European oysters on questions of 'Needs'.

No one thought to ask Petreaus to confirm or deny G2's assertion of 'Kicking ass'?

Whose ass is being kicked?
Who's doing the kicking?
Is ass kicking a tactic or a strategy?
Does ass kicking work?
What are recent or historic examples of successful ass kicking, other than Grenada and Niceragua, the U.S.'s last wartime 'victories' since belatedly assisting the Commonwealth+Russia in Europe?

Can Niceragua continue to exist now that the CocaCola/Bechtel J/V has trademarked the name to use as a premium brand of bottled water in Mexico+S. America?
It tested 'off the chart' in Tex-mex communities along the Rio Grande where nice, ice and agua are all short, on the supply-side and contains a great subliminal anagramic tribute to 'Twenty mule team borax' Ronny.
How sweet is that? Does this augerin a new era of marketing? Is there a Nicerosa followup flavoured island fruit?

Were the nuclear attacks on Japanese civilians ass kicking?

Whose ass got kicked in Vietnam?
Was Dien or Bien or is that just not Phu?

"Rented a tent,rented a tent, rented a rented a rented a tent"
Kurt V.

Replaying 'Miss Sarajevo' and assorted operatic requia all weekend, sadly drowns my pet doormouse.

Disclosure: There's a story about Gus Flaubert at his local after a long absence from absinthe due to the blues attendent on scribes de temps en temps. Asked ca va bien? he replied the day had been exceptionaly productive. Pressed for detail, he explained that the entire morning's work on the manuscript had climaxed with the detection of an errant comma, which he deleted. This decision, however, weighed heavily on his mind pendant tout l'apres midi, until just before supper, with a triumphant flourish, he replaced it.

The initial beauty of blog posting is found in the catharsis of rant but the lasting lesson is in the edit. No matter how wildly errant the draft it can always be retrieved; redemption is always just a keystroke away.
That said, for most of my life sharp pencils+lined pads were my outlet.
Now I play with this wondrous toy, still in candle light, with dexterity that now approaches two fingers.
Long an adherent of self medication(Cognac+cannibus concentrate from Mesopotamia) I've noticed a craze for commas comes over me in the wee small hours.

L'entente cordiale de ces petites pensees is laughter at the state we are all in, especially my lunatic self.
I'm not much on spelling and less on punctuation but getting better at rassling commas; semi-colons? maybe in the next life.

So,gentle readers, try to remember when life was slow+oh, so mellow; none of us is getting out of this alive.
Don't fret, few among us have any idea about what I really think.