Sunday, September 9, 2007

"What to do, What to do?" said the Rabbit

As Sly observed, some people love to burn, but its a family affair.

We, all of us, are mad for burning up fossils, whenever we can, wherever we can, as much as we can, as fast as we can.

"See, we need the energy, to.............uh, grow the ecomomy".

Every thing is smokey and its getting smokier, faster.

Smoke gets in our eyes, smoke gets in our eyes.

But hey, Gaia smokes,right?
Absolutely, vous etes tres drole.

But its our smoke, not Her smoke, not solar smoke, not volcanic belches, not cow farts, not forest fires, not any decay, nothing in the organic cycle pollutes,except us, our smoke.

We pollute everything with our smoke.
We are the only species that has ever smoked, just us,our smoke.
Our unique contribution to Life, smoke.

Our ashtray is the air, water, earth, the whole Biosphere, everything, everywhere, every molecule.
There is smoke on/in the water, fire in the sky.

We must stop smoking fossils.

Will Mom tidy up our mess?
Yes, She always has+will, to which the many millions of ex-species attests.
But She has no qualms about our quaint anthropocentric notions.
She'll be comin' round...... when she comes.

She's the strictist constructionist and Her laws, (Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology etc.) are immutable laws, of which some us us dimly perceive maybe a jot, not quite a tittle, but ignoring what little we know will not excuse us.

Life is a brief opportunity to either catch Her drift or drift away.

All Life, for about 4.5 billion years, being in the same boat, so to speak, has had to negotiate+ compromise to survive.

We don't negotiate.

We make war, on everything, even each other.

Notwithstanding some trivial doctrinal debate, all of us are co-celebrants in the abiding faith of "Me, First, Most+Always".

We're all #1, Hooha.

We're also all fundamentalists; our favourite pastime is oogling, sniffing and pawing at each other's fundaments for signs of variance from the norm, whatever that is.

Almost all of our collective touching, of everything, is inappropriate.

We think brief surges are useful remedies.
Imagine that?

Unless we start, very soon, to learn to love and to love to learn, children, our ends are in plain sight.
Turn to the left and cough, boyz.

Its fundamental, we're late, we're late.