Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Three Card Monte

While the Arctic continues to melt at rates unprecedented in homo history our P.M Harper, an acknowledged expert on this epoch, (He sometimes inverts some terms), and his chosen General Hillier have recently espied some more pressing issues requiring our immediate attention, to wit:

Danger, danger!

Absolutely, a grave threat to toques+bald spots ad mare usque... etc.

Soldiers use cannabis!
No one could possibly have predicted this.

Wait for it! Best+last,
The Senate!
Jaysus wept,byes.

Please list these terrors in order of your personal priorities and send them to ten friends.

Maybe we can get in on the bottom of a Ponzi scheme.

Let's revive the original etymology of the word "Dope".

Or, we could chose to shuffle the deck.

Its our casino.