Friday, September 14, 2007


Up/outstanding among many neocon phallusies is their constant erection of a profound + abiding, knowledge+understanding + respect for all things, Churchillian.

Excepting, of course, his profound grasp of World Affirs, his wit+wisdom, front line experience in South Africa, Crimea, Mesopotamia, WW1, Naval Person, Versailles, The "Quiet Time," Hitler, September 1939, Naval Person11, P.M, WW11(He won it), Literature, History, Art, Music, Water-colours, Brick laying, "A History of the English-Speaking Peoples" a Nobel and Clemmie.

GWB is to WSC as- Let's have a contest- e.g. Kenny G. to Louis A.

But its Jingobells to the bank for the Pubic Pundits.

None of these brave wee lads/lassies have any 'personal' knowledge of wartime service but they have heard a little about it and hey, obviously Hogan was clearly heroic.

"Why clearly we are all just like Winnie in thought word and deed, see our 'Great Wartime Leader?'

Anyone who disagrees is, ipso facto, a snivelling surrender monkey, just like that guy Noel Chamberpot, in Madrid."

Ad nauseum.

This nonsense has great resonance among their credulous, historically illiterate domestic audiences.

The same ones who still believe Saddam flew all the planes on 9/11, but traction is somewhat less, elsewhere on Earth.

To be fair, (pro bono publico), some accurate intelligence may require some misdirection, sometimes.

Lush Limbo enjoys the odd cigar and evidentialy, many Pubic stalwarts fancy garters, and pretend to be Knights.

Their Grail is the most cherished of all S+B trophies,(Geronimo's skull, is just a decoy for us rubes at the sideshow.)

The "Keating Cup," also known as "Rugged Ronnie's Rustle" is emblamatic of the Highest Possible Political Goal.

Most Public Funds scammed into Private Pockets. Hooha!

Never, in the course of human history, have so few stolen so much from so many.

C'est tres simple, find a cheerleader, rig an election or two, corrupt the DOJ, hire a couple of Supremes, find anything to distract the dummies, pick Yr. partners and do-si-dough.

Carlyle, Halliburton, KBR, Blackwater etc. now steal monthly amounts that make all the predations of Ronnie's crew, taking down the S+L's, seem like chump change.

Their "Dragon", against whom they range their potent nitwiticisms is neither OBL, nor (insert any modifier)-fascists, its all those Others, or as Pogo noted, us.

"You're either with us or against us", hence Fearless has a perfect, nay righteous+imperative obligation, to do (With Yr. ass) what he may

On the other hand, Winnie's descriptive of the good old days when the Royal Navy employed "Rum, the Lash and Buggery" as inducements suits the pissants perfectly.

Its right up their.....well you get the drift.

In Real Time, there is a gathering storm, and its time again for a grand alliance lest the hinge of fate lead to tradgedy, while only pretenders caper in triumph.

If we defer closing the ring on these imposters any longer, our children will certainly judge us as Quislings, not really our finest hour.

The real WW11 analog to "Run-a-round Sooey," a premier propogandist poseur, who takes hasty flights in any+all emergencies, is Rudolf Hess.

If Valerie P. had been a char at Blenchley Park, many would have been summarily shot- and it may be time to direct more than subpoenas towards the bunker.

When,if not now? Who,if not us?

As soon as the ol' coffers are topped up, its off to Dubai to be closer to head office, also weekends with Bandi+Condi.

What extradition treaty?

DoDo Frum(p), (the 'p' is silent, as in swimming,) Resident, (hall and washroom monitor)
Callow Fellow in Mini-Conning at AEI,
Rejected at Canadian Customs, in keeping with Mom's last wishes.

UPDATE: 29 Oct 07

Sothebys expects WSC's painting, "Marrekesh" to fetch a million+ at auction as HST's Maggie wisely switches to Euros.

What with all those numbers, dots, lines!
Crayons still troubling, for Fearless.