Saturday, September 15, 2007

Native Rights, If He Could Chuck, Wood Chuck? You Betcha.

Old U.N. Hands all abuzz today, as Canada's stock, well, it continued to tumble on Chuck Stahl's curious assertion that afirming Aboriginal Right, as did 99.44% of the Assembly, some how conflicted with our Charter?


Once again, here we go, swing Yr. partners, ring-around- the (Mayberry) bush with our fellow Kyoto deniers, USA! USA!, the soon to dryup+blow away Aussies, and Kiwi Cloud Cuckoo Land.

At least this "cluster_" is real, unlike who's/how many in the cohort, constantly claimed by Disideroso, fumbling around in Iraq.

Imagine, Doc Daneka 'splaining this to Yossarian "That's some coalition, that Group 36."

(BTW, the unsung hero of Joe's great novel is Camp XO Major__ de Coverly, who returns from leave to encounter starving troops signing multiple Loyalty Oaths in front of the mess tent.

Imagine that. Plus ca change...etc.

"Gimme Eat!")

Now, veering back to our topic, Chuck, displaying an heretofore, unsuspected expertise in "Internal Law and Rights, right? I'm not just winging it here" right.

Strahl, the jovial ex-strip logger, suggested that the Harper consortium wasn't firm yet on the specifics of the contradiction.

But "By God, I know uppity redskins when I see 'em" adding "I hear tell some of these so-called 'treatises' go back hundreds of years, I'm not sure what they are all about but they obviously deserve more study" and "... us palefaces can see the woods for the tees."

Opposition Parties suggest that stihl stahlling on this issue is a clear-cut case of seedy selectivity and cite Stahl's earlier attempts to sell the Wheat Board to Wonder Bread as still another half-baked notion germanated by greedy guys.

Cautioned by reporters that his characterization of First Nations Peoples might be construed as demeaning Strahl chuckled, "Hey, didn't ya see that Bob Hope movie? Its high time those injuns got a sense of humour" adding "Anyways,we're headin' for a pejority in the next election. Later boys, I've got a foreskin waiting at the club."

The P.M., still waltzing matilda with Cobber John, down under, expressed confidance in his guy for affairs with Indians "Hey, its his first time in the big apricot, any more of those shrimp on the barbie?"

Critics note an unusual pattern emerging among the Minority Cabinet Stars, Rona's grasp of environmental stuff, charming Europe, then Gordon's steady stewardship on torturing Afghanis and Harper's own aping of the Decider's notion of due process+ staring decisively. Now this.

Meanwhile, our measured approach to Native Issues now is deemed 'Genocidal' by Human Right's watchers worldwide and the Arctic will be tropical long before the Leafs make the playoffs.

In other news, the International Red Cross reports that Omar Khadr now resembles a puddle of strawberry jam.

Move along folks, nothing to see here.