Sunday, September 16, 2007

CNN out Foxes Murdock

Early reportage on the doings in Washington yesterday clearly demonstrates the extensive and prevasive "Liberal Bias" in American Media.

The usually demure, with that "Mona Lisa" look, CNN's Ms. Malveaux, appearing as though she was about to upchuck, rallied to read it off the tele- prompter, paraphrasing here:

A few yellow-bellied, greying old hippy Peaceniks momentarily abandonned their bongs just long enough to briefly delay some Hummers on the avenues in the Capital today but they were quickly shouted down by a huge crowd of Patriotic, Highly Decorative Veteran(arian)s who just happened to be in town for Prayer Services to honour of the Greatest President of the Greatest Country on Earth, (Shrub).

A spokesman for the Real American Eager Eaglets peeped 'Its a Christian thing, after services we like to (s)troll the Mall (washrooms) handing out fresh baked Apple Pie to the residentialy challenged, inviting them to give their hearts to "Transplants for Jesus."

"Livers, kidneys, corneas, and particularily prostates are in short supply," and we think that everyone ought to put their shoulder in the soup, it's only Fair."

Tune in later when Dr. Sayhey Scoopja chats with Sen. Dr. Full Briss about timely HMO cutoffs, in semi-medical terms.

Hebrews 5:7


For Sunday Talk to insist on beefing up loitering laws by folding them into the Patriot Act and brooking no delay in instituting a defence fund for Belecick financed via tax chertoffs.

On Mclaughlin Grope, don't miss Beanie Blankly's, always intriquing choice of suit-shirt-tie combo, indicative of his great breadth and surface tension, over things both wide+shallow.