Thursday, November 29, 2007

ideas: can u kyoto? oh no, not yet! soon, we'll see, maybe?

The profound, abiding impediment,
To changing our constant bellicosity,
Is the, "God" given+holy endorsed,
Fundamentally, basic,
Ancient fable of (designated) anthro-primacy.

Rooted in, widely celebrated+eagerly parsed
Quran+Bible, by Old+Neo- Conservatorys of
Judeo-Christian+Islamic Tradition.
L'Chaim-Amen Lord-Insh'Allah.

(Brief) Fiatly, some infinite, (un-knowable)
"That than which none greater can be thought"?
St. Anselm's famous 'ontological' proof!
You, place, the, commas,,, sher, (it'sa) lock?

Super-natural agent, designed us and
Everything, (universally) granting some,
Limited working conditions, + overall
Semi-sovereignity, over everything.


Than the, "Chosen Few" Who,
Beauty Part? Quel Coinqu'-a-Dinck!
As it happens, are always+exclu$ively
"Them!" (never us)

Their extraordinary privet-ledges accrue
To (some of) them, in return for (pretty) strict,
Proscribed obeisance, worship, dietary laws etc.
In return for domains, dominion+(gloria)dominus,
Sex, drugs + what (for) ever. (something)

Ipso facto, us Earthlings are loco, (apparently)
Here, there, everywhere.

Also asserted is this agency's abiding concern+oft timely
Intervention, in reviewing (attendent) contractual
Niceties, (episodically) revising terms+conditions,
Usually via, ( soi-disant) interlocutors,+sometimes,

Wholesale, holus bolus,
Great Plagues of Frogs, Floods, Locusts etc.!

This vain, speceial conceit holds great appeal
Among (the most) recently, upright
Version of "Higher" vertabrates, particularly,

Jews+Christians+Muslims, too many of whom
Deign to practise their faith in the absence
Of the Prime Directive, so sayeth
Jehovah+Prophet+The Son+Many Alia.

"Do unto Others" Period.

"Do it, routinely, to everyone, everytime, 'cause
"It is Yr. Honour, Priveledge+ Sacred Duty."
According to ALL teachings.

Ya never know, last may be first,
All may be Vanity.

The Torah-Bible-Quran is an amalgam of
Ancient Myths, Legends+(some) History.
Weilded by jingo lingo+stone, lash, sword,
Chain, noose, gun+bomb by

W/ no New Testament, no modernity,
Fearfull, Hatefull, Frightened,
Wrong about Right(s)+Righteousness.

Never mind Diogenes, pay (close) attention
To "Gulliver," (ya yahoos)
" W/War, no one Houynymns."
Pass us an h.b. egg, Frau B., not that end,

"May Peace Be Upon.." Who Em, +When?

Historically, We all rest our (sorry) butts
On (our) clever technology as (conclusive) evidence,
Of a priori, "Primaturcy R US."

Much Mischief' lows from this
Fabulous mythic premise.

The Missing Middle?
The Curious Con-clusions?
This transparant tissue of silly syllogism,
Is the Rock,
Jerusalem, Mecca, Peter, Medina, Ages etc.,
Of that portion, of humanity,
Who can afford, to wear a watch. ( at this time)

All of it, apriori+pathetique,
Du U fallacy?

Meanwhile, back in the Biosphere.

"Commercial" energy usta come from us and small fires,
Then burdened beasts, the (local) old mill stream,
Then solid+liquid fossils, portable, convenient.

Lately, sadly it's evident that the (persistant) "Smoke"
From these fossil fires, much magnified,
In both kind+degree, causes long term
Pertubations in the Biosphere, some of which are
Becoming manifest, + even amongst smart cookies,
Their relative convenience/utility is some quarrel.

Meanwhile, outside our friendly confines,

Those (raining) frogs have managed (+/-) 250 M. years,
Without the help of intra-thermal facility, meters, or
Watches until now, so how?

Well, (not oil) they+(all) other life, (ever)
Elegantly, Balance, Passive,
Solar+geothermal energy, in vivo,
Where-ever! NoBat!
Sina, sans, none, no gadgittry!

They're also excellent at large choruses!

Makes Ya wonder, a (rib) bit, eh?

November ends, mild+rainy, solstice soon.
Strange Weather, pregnantly calm.
Glass falling, the sets getting Bigger.
Sun starting,
Back North, soon.

Those, "Arctic trails have their secret tales.."
Right, Sam?
Rubbit, ehya.

Drip, drip, drip...

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

small incidents in solar incidencence

A far (northern) frog, of our aquaintance,
Prefers to take the sun on a deadheaded,
Semi-sunken, ancient White Pine, in Lily-pad cove.

Alee of prevailing winds, southerly ex,
360 vantage, in a curiously, singular spot,
Top o' da log, nicely interstitial, in consistant
Sunlight, from dawn to dusk,
Bono photo primo loco, ici.

While his (dwindling) company of mates have (long)
Burrowed in for the seasonal snooze,
There he was, (mid-November) catchin' rays,
Grinnin' (un) annui. (ed)

Suddenly a great, grayish goose,
Out of the high, honking skein,
Swooping down,
No talons, (raptorous pause)
Jus' gulp, gone!

Wilderness is a wonderful teacher but,
Frogs in November, gobbled by a goose??

Yesterday, a strange e-mail ribbetted in.

Well! We'll be a (rhino) bufo!

Sez we're remembered kindly, from the old hood.
Sez Florida Beachfront Available,
Never-never plan mortgages, cheap fire-water,
Many widows, (nae t' mousey)
Buy all means, Free Fruit Flys, Everywhere!

Sez us (reply) WTF happened to you?

Sez F.F., "Suddenly all was dark+discomboobulated,
"Nicely damp, pleasantly warm, so I burrowed 'round,
"After much trial+error, in the end, found
"A portal, stuck out my head. We were high
"In the sky! At first, the goose didn't hear me.
"When I got his attention, from behind,
"Over the honk-a-thon."

"How high are we?" sez us.

Flap, flap, flap, flap, honk,
Geese take their time,

"About 3200 feet." Sez he.

"You wouldn't shit me, wouldja, Mr.Goose?"

"Take a gander, I'm a South Beacher now.
"Locos say, lotsa prime pads, bored babes,
"Swash m' buckle!"

"Had da ride, so here I bide, woohoo!"

"Spanish lesson at 5, - - - -^
"Manicure at 6, - - - -
"Who says, you can't teach, - - - -^
"Old frogs, new tricks?"

Wilco(x) Roger+out.

"Harper Tans, Hides, Shops for Zinnias, Dark (In) Continence Whilst on Safari."

Having belatedly, begrudgingly, blundered into
Dar es Salaam, (RSVP stale-dated, IOU's NFG)
Joey (phew, who salaami?) from Leaside,

"Clearly" only (peripherally?) ta Sandra, a junket?

Buggering off, again, to escape
Much, richly deserved approbrium,
Chez lui, Canuckistan.

Notre Chef, Homme des Affaires Mondiales,
Who, unlike Mel, doesn't mind a big pot,

Weighed in on "The Strike," against Barrick Gold,
Where his deep (local) knowledge is 'clearly'
A great, ba (da) boon to negotiations,
"..Jus' lookin' after Canadian Interests.." eh?

There's this "Union"??
(Workers Joey, collective barganning, due process?)
Different than Alliances, say among Churches, or
Neo-Nit-wit CHC's.
"Heavens t' Murgatroid, Bobalouey!"

The (depressingly) usual crap:
Outrageously, the Watu are (asking?) for,
Cleaner, safer situs+(some?) participation
In (some?) of the Giant Profits,
Fais Dough-Dough!

Share holders+execs richly deserve their,
"Reasonable" rates of return, right?
"Free Trade"
F.(Rt.)Off, Swahili., right?

Their Country, Their Resource,
Via Their Land, Blood, Sweat, Tears etc.
Their Common Wealth, our Partners!
Joey's "Interests"?

Those Commie rat-bastards!

We shouda/coulda sent Mel, or
Any Boddeeeelse, ehya.

Touring Canucks should consider
Replacing TNS+F flags on Tilley Togs,
Decals, patches, tee-shirts etc.
W/Southern Cross on Ozzie Bluey.

Better a dry billabong than,
Da Lone Ranger's L'il Beaver.

"Ummmmuh, dat Right, Chimo savvy!"

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Mayberry's, "Barrel-o'-Busch" Putsch, Solo_Brau Now, How far the Harp, How high the Moon?

Somewhere... faint..... music,
How.....sweet.....the tune?

(As Mary usta say of Paul,
"Affordable, jus' Les."
Still Cookin' moreover+lately
Notwithstanding, sitting down.
Top Pick.)

Ah Bushy, "Dare-ya" on duh, Airya.

"Yodeleydee-tee, Yodeleydee-ooh
Who can we get to, "Da doo-ron-ron?"
Harmaniacally, (with G2?)
Inna dicky-duo, acappella, okey dokey,
Hunky dory, sticky fingers.
Sayz da Boyz, in range of us, w/da guns +

Long gone, Tony (Da Poodle/Piddle) Blair,
Chief asst. to Crusade 'r Babbitt,
New Brown, now nosing out,
Slipping+proceeding independently.

"Finally!'' Pepys' Sam+Nick Monserratt+Alistair+Farley,
"+Peggy+Noam+Maude+Linda+Stevie+Pauline J.
"+Emily C. ch'tc'hing Bill's read, (potlatch)
"Wealth, in Commons."

"...Arroooooooooh!" sez dos lobos, (des loos)
+Plus des nous, wolvers.

'Sure, 'tis a tearrible burden o' privet lodges,
"Orienting to 'Others'
Than one's Own-(Sweet)-Self, ehya.
"Lookit all of 'em Oysters, Wally!"
"Needs old lingos, Chimo savvy?"

Perverz (da Con) Much-$herrif, no catch'em,
"(Oh, Sin-laydin') Where ya gonna run to?"
Spot o' bother with, "Loco Demos" jus' like
"Our Busto!" boyo-hiya-hay-a-bay'us-nono.

The native's returned, to Rejakavik.

Lately, John of Oz discovers? billabongs,
Long gone dry! (Jolly/Good) Cobbers,
Oz-Mites myke changeroos, Bluey,
"Swagman Water-Boarded!"
Shed still windy? Cockatoo too?
Top Lad, Rolf.

Gunybaray, on alla Yrs.,
Long my She Ryynn! ehya!

Sotto Whom does Himself turn for succor,
Pucker and cover, whilst waning gibberous?
Ex-Post factotums, contrition-eers?
Los' migras beda be-leavers?
(Except some beavers)
Inna Coalition? Evidently.

Buttsee, many a mickle still mak's a Muckle
So Doh, $ee-Do Yr. Partners, Folks.
All Lame Men, Left'a'aboot,
Galoots, loot a lodz like,

Vesputin, G2's soul-mate/heart-throb, soon lost
That lovin' feelin', having sussed the
Benthicy depths, of Shrub's fuck-wittedness.
(Beer sale?+Troop Ship? No can do?? Fubar!)

Berlesconi's rigatroni's sin, inna pasta.
Treats, al frisco. (sous la table de ma Tante)

Le CutieSark, (nouveau) a Paris street Kid,
W/ (real) Masters' Degrees,
Ancient, old worldly (Hungarian!)
No bless obligaTory,,
Effing Nobility.

A Lui, da Shrub's, "Une poule, passante et pissante"
Pleasant (piquant) pluckings, foie gras.
"Peut'etre Mardi prochaine, du Choregeee?"

So Where on (diss) Earth,
Can a gimp, limp, bimp, fucka duck?

(Look out hits, 'acomin' 'round, agin' Folks!)

Who never gave a flyin'_!
(viz. ANGT+AWOL)
Find a fellow (FW) to share in,
"Da Plan, Boss"?

"Someone lickus, unnerstan's da base(sic)
"Values in d'Alliance!"

"Shucks Mah, (Bah Brahmine, Bossy also)
"Ah'm 'agittin' a'friggin' inna riggin'
''Ah'm a'Castro (-ped/ranged/) rodeod Gringo, 'agin'!
"+Dat's no bull, Mah!"

"Hugo? Evo? Gitmo? YoYo, Mah?"

"Uppity Tinpots, (Dicks! Mater!)
"On All Fronts! Mah!"

"Ah, butt one: hiya Harp, ehya."

"Leadin' to a neo-kinda righteous,
"Up North, among da commies. "

So good, so far, TNS+F now,

Fab Falsies, Southering, 'Weak Military'!
'Truthiness'? ehya-heya-noh-k'y-0t0?

"Northa' 49ers? Lak 'em 'Frisco queers, Dickster?"

"Ah MisPrez, You go, (yup)
"Yuh gott'er Potus (Pilot)
"Lead on GW!" (some [half'a] league, eh?)

"So, When's launch, Lynn?
"Whaddaya hear from da Rummys?
"Slam-Dunk, Da Pesto, Contrary Colin,
"Turd 'n Karen? Scoot 'n F'Ari?

"Gotta pretext, Xmax grifting!"
"Whutzup Mary?
"Can spoons gag, under-water? wiki later.."

The NeoNat Wet Dream of a greater,
Co-Prosperity Demi-Hemi Sphere.

"'YeeHaw, Stampede 'em Boyz!"

1/Poor, thirsty, hungry, homeless, hunted
Haunted Workers, from everywhere,
"Fais dough-dough, don'tcha?"

+Tazzzers? Dandy collectives, chips,
Amongst other, speicious neo-bargoons,
Under, the table, handed.

2/Yanqui "NoHow"Tm. plenty pats. pend,
(Wall St.>Ranch>Us)


3/"All those, ah, "Back-Forty" bits of
"Soviet Canuckistan!" seemingly,
"Suddenly," as Arte J. usta say,
"Verrrry ah, (point cig-holder, up) Int'rasc-ting:)"

Riparian Pubics, big on fluidity.

Watch: M. Shadows, TVO, twin-bill, Next,
(Precious fluids, birdee numnum-numbum 'um, Son!
"You'll answer to Coke, for this, Mandrake!"

Sez da Rose, (Tx. yellow) to trusty
(Neither -Apu/-apoo, nor -Joy, nor -Juicy, wtf?)

"Where ever, shall we find such a horse, Dick,
"So ignorant of Trojans, huh?"

"How 'bout Stiffy, Stuffy? Stubby? ahya, Steverino!"

"Da one s'poses licq Moi, inna
"Prophylacty-FlackyJacky, (inside out)
"Photo w/da Troops?
"Heh, heh, huh?"

"That'll do, Sprig."

Zoom in: Try Larger,
Be Bold Me Heartys!

Welcome home to Massey, Kiddo,
"Long may She roam......Helpless."

Open da (GD) roof, Ya Goofs!

"Fritzy, Dr. Bert, Buddy T., (Injun?)
" J.J.>T.C! G.S.H. esq., VanP., Kenny,
"Choo-Choo, Pepe, J.J.(+Leafs!)
"Zazu, Da Lincoln, Deiter, Mini-Mac, Milt,
"+A singular MinneBud bloomed northerly,
"Jeepers creepers!" some Galz, still (g)rant.

"Tony P. "Eye-chart," Pulling Guard!
"Le Gen Mon-petite Verdi,
"Best ever QB, when he could see,
"Between, over, around, under the lines,"
" +George?"
Well Chillums, ecoutez ici,

Latecut Importants, whod'an "Oppo"
To try, sooner or laterally, to impede,
(in any way) a young Jim Brown,
Came North only to find a
Faster Back-

"Not, 'nother nigra, scat-back,
"Jus' one o' da Boys, up chere, Bub."
"Strong+free, in Canada, eh?

-On a, "F-ing Huge" field,
"Who was some tough!"
On the D, (yards-wize)
Mes Cheres Enfants.

"Mon pays c'est hiver" Some still chantant, fous,
Sweet Prairie Meadows' Melodys,
Jaunty Jolies Alouettes.
C'est un Cri-de-Couer, - Sis.

Wind, Rain, Sleet, Snow,
Mud, Ice (Fog!)
Tous ensemble, rond en rond,
L'on y dance, l'on y dance.

"Gold'n Blues...forever, still, "
"Those Greens sure are,
"Prime Prairie Party Footys." Pals,
Of whom there are rarely enough,
"Vrai Canucks."

A Game, for The Cup,
Play up, Play well, Play Fair.

Hot Tip:
Hey Horatio!
In memoriam, (Marcel M.) mutely syncho a
Strayhorn part, in celebraytion, plastic,
Gesticulate con brio,
We'll gitcha, mo' bettah!
Mo'blatta upsets us airport Coyotes.

To da rye, Ginger!

Bonne Chance, Ah Canada.

UPDAte: maundy Monday, agin'?

Jolly good for Jolis Greens, on+off the Field.
+All CFLers who took the time to remind
Certain, Hoot-in- (Big City?)-Ninnys aboot,
Canada, Eh.

Mudhens+Sage Grouse can all agree,
Paul(Da Best, Ever, Any Sport, Anywhere)
Dojack, would get a kick
Outta Today.

Monday, November 19, 2007

"Sipi Ayisinowak Nikik {} Michif, Oohoo Awaz, Pipon Meta-Wik-Ke-Si-Kak!"

(River people otter {Metis Mischief} Michif
(Owls, Winterfest!)

Aborn amidst, (yet) another War,
On the banks of the
Mihkmaw, Roozh, Rouge!

Flowing North, ( Arctic 'Shed,
(Prairie+Shield) to The Bay,
From this Valley,
(Don't hasten, Darlin',
(To bid us adieu!)

Amongst settlements+entitlements,
That, wha'-tah-hoot-mon, pipi-wipi-nipi-sipi,
Came to be, pres-quah, Les

Ou, ditz dez Hiboos, qui creusez,
Comme laz' mores/modes/moods du temps,

(Plenty fish Ago, Rawh!
(P.Pipe/ PowWow Place!
(Grand Gruau,
(A la Carte des boeufs, Blanche,
(Potage des Pois, Portage,
(Herbes Partout!
(Richard's sons' Reach,
(Grand Trunk Funk,
(Blu-ski-bella Babooshkas,
(Ceilidh Centre,
(Baldar's Gimlit,
(Rendezvous Douces,
(Chez nous, on Natives' Land,
(Riel Estate!
(Festivale File Gumbo,
(Fais Dodo, 'vec Zydeco,
(Boif Rhum-ah-Hon-nah!
(Fancy Fiddlin', t'amata Sameday,
(Manga Brocha!
(La-la-lay-la, haya,

(Erin, go Bragh, (less)
(Nipiwinni sipiwa, (perky)
(Pemmican (jerky)
(Skinny (dipzy)
(Hiya haya (allright!)

Naming game, same again,
Gaming names, plainly gains,

Of the Assiniboine?

(viz. Viz-compt Gort,
(Later VC, 'otel, 'ostil-ah-bang'em,
(Oopsy, [comma cheni] pas nariyanl,
('Oz-pitalites, tous-jou's, tra' dang-err-mooses,
(Gran' Pont, maintenant, tant piz.)

Some petty, (paz autres) big Cricks, etc,
En Seine,
Fais dough dough, ble heya,

For some, (of us) beginners,
Was a place of wonder, to start,

Le zew, la zoray, la boush ekwa ta tet.

So the taste, touch+feel, scent,
Sound, look, Ghost(s)+Spirit,
Siren Call, of the River, was with us,
Late+soon, then+now.

Always current, w/ancient reves,
Ever there, doux et bas,
Sous, Sioux, Prairie Airs.

Visions du vente, avec les freres Tomson, +
Las Reines de la Neiges,
Avant, les wayes en haut,
Mo'-betta-can-noodlh ici!

Soon Far-mo-loo-parlays,
Hebert's chansons a la Binks!
"W.O." was us, aussi Gabrielle,
Bon heureusement.

Proximate, (putative) roots?

Two dour, Scots G.P.'s, ex-Edin burrowers,
One, demi-Parisien Leprechan, +
Nana, from upstream,
Metis, Minnedosa (wawatay) way.

For a first gran' kosisan,
Nohkum, sure had Her ways,
Called us birds! Cahcahkayoos!

3rd Grade, Windsor Pub. when,
1st Flood! Wow!

Burlap bales, stronger spoored, than those
Brown (souvenier's of serv-ice/-ival) blankets,

Vet (wet) Dads (still) venerated, in old luggage,
Gunny Sacks, w/ coded, overlapping stencils,

Addressed to many, lively Theatres,
DNT movies, etranger than fiction.

Improbably huge, banks of sand,
In drive-ways, (jeep duks!)

By hand, 'til we dropped exhausted, ate
Napped+ ate, (ne plus ultra) sandywiches,
Gulped, gullets, cropz, Cahcahkayoos!
Nanabush wiininwa, (Nana-mannah )

Do it again, over+over, forever,
Sheltering in StockYards,

'Til, a Neighbour's pump shorted,
Drowned, the dikes broke, +
We, (children+women) left, our homes,
Full of the River's wawatay.

It was some messy, when we came back,
Looked around, under a June Moon '50.
Took ah-lots-ah-work, to fix-up small victorys.

That was quite a Christmas+New Years,
Serious, serial soirees, good cheer,
Some gentle rest, moonlit skating,
Mostly, merry-men, rye-bye-snooz.

The Crescent, alight for The Season,
All along the Row, buses full,
Of amazed delight. We waved back,
Frosty clean, squeaky snow.

This "Winter," if you see Aurora,
Arret eh, ferm ta bec, fais ta zoray,

Kiwitinohk Ice,
Canadling, Tinkling, Trickling!

All the (live-long) day, +some nights!
November, remember,

"Drip, drip, drip.... "

"All Aboard/Ashore, what's goin'" eh?

Mahki-tawa-kew wapush, tananahehta kwayes kici!
(Some rabbits, w/ big (h)ears, 'ear swell,
(Petites choses.)

Tanci keta?
(Eh, Whut'zz-up, Doc?)

Tano-we to-tsimile?

"Sous" beaucoup des ponts en flimsy,
"L'on y dance, l'on y dance..tous en rond."

"Somewhere norda S. Dakota, lived a young'un,
"On roche raccoo-oo-n!"

Aux autres choses, aux sis' rivieres, a bientot.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

"Strike Three, He's out, Game over, Wrong Vector, No Vict-ors, + Beaucoup des Vict-ems."


Whither Iraq?
When's, Iran,
What Condi meant?
Playing catch up?
How, far foul, is
The Latest "News"?
Play Ball!

"Ju's can't lay off the high, hard ones
"Can yuh, Mule?" Dolly to Sis Kit.
(Best BB in any movie, many Star turns)

We are now told, by 'reliable sources'
Albeit, same damn fuck-wits, who deigned to deem
Against "Otherness" there, not here!"
A responsible, sane, serious, oppo.

2003, Everthing's melting, need moor oil.
Potemkin pumpin', pimpin', profit$.

"Yeehaw HooHa"

Rapturous celebatters of "Righteous-Rightness"


Most of 'em, avoiders, many of 'em evaders,
Some of 'em, fraudulent, All of 'em, CHC's,

"No objections, jus' not me, nigg'err."

"Y U jive us, diss way, l'il bro?"

"Yo no' hep, Fo',
"Yo' need dat haitch, whitey?

"It'z aah, like see-gah, shug-gah,
"Yo mom-mah, U digg-ah?"

"I'm on the Indef. D.L." (Dude, Later)
"Arch issues, ass acne.

One of 'em, a beanie-boy, who ju's cain't
Git enoug' a' thut mech-a-nickal bull,
Tx Style, Connecticut connexions.

Jumped the queue, blew mucho,
TaxPayer $$$,
Fuckin' 'round w/ Texas teasers,
Sunrises, "TG, Trainin'"

More like, "Titless Wonders" as
Front Line, "ACK-ACK-SHON" (no videos)
Veterans will swear,
On many a Mother's broken heart.

Fearless, mean-wiles,
Doin' the odd line, sinkin' mucho boats,
Chasin' bass, bookin' courts...

A Yellow Rose, mindful of the "al-lah mode"
"Moolah! Boola, Pascagoula!"

Then, along the trail moseyed,
"One've 'em, ah, 'lection bi-cycles"
"Sweet home, Alabam'!"
Ever since then, well......!

Swell, he became big, first in oil,
(Qaida fucktit up, no worrys Mite)
"Harken, is that bail, fer moi?"
"Disclose? Diss Sucks, later Dude."

Swell, also in Jr. Looping,
"..Been berry, berry good to me, Hain,"
In Texas, "Hosay, can U see?"
As an arranger Ranger, see?

Then Rover, (not Barney) made him read
A picture book, (like Daddy's diary)
"Horton harms a Whitey, Willie!"

Gets a "Re-bapt-a-re-a'gin" vision!
"Hey, Bebop-a-rebop's some Rube, heh Barb?"
At(da)Water, Quel Miracle!

(Graham's l'il cracker Jackie, changes name,
(Joshua, better metrics, mkt. share)

Meets many other's of his ilk, say
They have been promised something,
Like Land, all inscribed,
In circ., many sizes, hot to trot.

Then, yadda, yadda, yadda, chad,
"'Mur'can justice" yadda,
9/11 OOPS!
No more justice, "'Mur'can or enathung,"
Yadda, yadda, yadda etc.

"Come, Mr. Taliban, de-liver us Sin Laydin,
"Daylight come, so we gotta Iraq."

"Saddam (Shame) Stocks NUKES!!"
"Merry New Year!
"Shop, ya bastards!"

Who's, on the mound, (not first)
A'pitchin' to Fearless, fer the I-NUKES!
That foin day in Muddville, Chilluns?

+Who's (born again)..a'huggin' Turd?
"I don't know," Bub, bud it'll cost us,
"I'll tell ya, Lou."

"Al-Seams" the artful twirler, a late cut
From the Damascus Diasporas,
Comes to the Beacon, with serious stuff.

An "Aye-rabi" street hustler,


Cunningly encoded as "CurveBall"

Da alligators are alledgy, evidently he
Showed Georgie Porgie,
The ol' Changeroo,
As Satch usta say.

"There it is then, clearly, surging otta..?
"Well then, lets do Iran, anybody,
"Got a map? "

What's sinister aboot overtaking
Nederlanders, enaways?

Friday, November 16, 2007

"Steele Yr.self Sam, not all rumours are Un-grounded"

In the wake of of of ouf, yet another,
By the neo-borderless D'Iddylls,

Usta be, "Mounties" now neither
Regal, nor (much) Canadian,
Major directions, coming from Yanks,
Via Harpoon's Alliances,

Steverino didn't start this Shite,
He just rolls us, with/in it.

23 June 1985.

Air India 182,
329 blown up! 280 Canadians!
By terrorists, using planes!
(Hong Kong+Ireland) via VCR>YYZ>!

28! $$#!%^&*$$$ Years Ago! + Nada!

The RCMP knew ALL about it,
Having fought so valiantly, so long,
Protecting their (phat) ass-ettes,
From Sikhishness.

"Sikh? Hindu? Asian? Injun?
"All the same, 'Others.'
"See Sis, not really our kind of Folks,
"So, no biggy."

(All CanAbNat readers are now excused,
(Nothing here, is news to you.)

Our erst, Fabled Force, now mountabanks,
Just-ass, a lawless gaggle, hangin' inside,
At airports, shuckin', jivin'
ZZZap, Yr. ded.

Fussy aboot dressage, breekin' freaky,
Scarlet, over secret codes, covert readers,
Under covers, (always non-text) Y'all.
Racepy, pro-filers,

Expediantly, assigning rookie pawns,
North, beyond their ken,

Lying, Theiving, Murdering, (+ routine)
Dissonantly, un-musical LawLessness.

(HRH Q11, un-amused,
(Parmi plusiers des autres)

Our, "OK, nein?" (p)Leader?
GRRRuff+Ready toujours.

Our, "Ace-in-Hole?"
Rt.-on, Maxi-mummy Ministre,
Manifuquo, a la droit, (comme l'habitude)
"Pubic protection, Jocko!"

"I'm on (it) 'er, Harp,
"Ah, whut's next?"

Duh Wet_Jet, wHoly-owned stubby,
(CanCo, of BushCo) w/ mucho, pats pending,
Weighed in (all wet) suitably, again Today.

"...Ah, hit's all, 'pat. pending'..we've asked.."

(Arar, Khadr, Khandahar, Khan-nabis,
(Kontrol, our soft woodys, e.g.)

"..Certainly musta... shocked(sic)!!.. his Mom.."?

(Heh, heh, heh...whut? don'tcha getit?
(Zingers, fo'-to-da punk!)

Standard Stock, "Torque, Yo Mada!"
Greatest Snits, Stocking Stuffers,
"Keep Yr. visa handy."

"We, ah, er, um, sure, soon, Safteyness?
"Absolutely! R US!"

Not quite the dreamy, 'sugar-plumbing*'
Nous Canucks gais/jolis, invisioned
Pour les babes, soon festive, season-wize.

"See, Ah'm agin a' bhads,
"Sum'at, pesky mav'ricks need, ah
"Brandin' proddin' ropin',... "
"Here, da noose, Sunshine!
"S'Hits Saddam, shame!"

Yr.> Ass, podner.

Expect moore, in-clementcy, weather-wize.

Wiki Sam Steele, neo-nits,
Connect what dots Ye may.

We double-dog dare Ya!

In Sam's way/day, stockings+stalkings
Were placed properly, probatively useful,
Patterned, routinely, on the laws,
Canadien, Eh?

"Maintiens le Droit,"
Makes a body, apprehensive.

"On King, on you Huskies!"

*Goldberry sez, "Ems, not Bees, Hon."
Licks thumb, lubriciously,
Cracks wize, mood indigo,
"Let's Wendigo."

Skeins of geese, arrow under the Moon.

UPDATE: 18 Nov 07
Today's Tor Star queries, on-line, whether,
Or not, a (Muslim) airport employee,
Can be forced to shorten her skirts!

54% say absolutely?

Perhaps, 200 lashes might,
"Gitt'er, Boyz!"
To, "Re-Thunk," our cherished values,

Will these fashion fascistas, be as sanguine,
When, ipso facto, comes their
Turn in the barrel? On voirent.

Not much, Canada, anymore, Eh?
Second place, in the Bush Leagues.
Qui moi? Profondement honteux, et toi?

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

"Tigers Gone. Loons Ponder "Yonder."

Not that we loved him less but,
Alf, Lord more, Blake sure got
Our undivided, long ago, with,

"Tiger, tiger, burning bright,
"In the forests of the night,
"What immortal hand or eye
"Could frame thy fearful symmetry?"

Having considered gist, grist,
+Pyth of this indelible image,

"4 half, ooh (fiddy)
"Ah, Cent. U see,
"Don'tcha flash, inna hood,
"Else Yr. duh-ded-T."

"Let's (sure) render,
"De Las' Tiger, an'
"Beijing Bling Bling,
"Da Panda 2."

"Lamb-baste da Leaders,
"Wit' da extr'acte,
"In a lifeboat,
"Easy as Pi."

A balm, in Olympiad.

"Tiger Bomb+!" Tm.

Can. Beijingo, be poplar, buy gum,
Heal the afflicted,
Like a Tianamin boot?

"See Alice," sez, Great Grey Elder,
"Many a pretentious prick,
"Pouts pendulously."


Jus' WTF, "The World, needs..?"
Eh, Byes?

Flaccid, phoney, fantastic,
Phallusys, for Fraidy cats.

Nouvelles chez nous?

This warmish Autumn,
All open water,
Loons late leaving,

Eldest campers,
On Lake Totem, 'Em,
Before Henry got lost w/James,

Before yore mammals,
Ur Loons.

The Ambient, sina qua non,
Reflective voice
Of the Boreal, Taiga, Arctic

Why, those, 'Injuns? Chippewas? Ojibwas?'
Anishnabi say a Loon started, everything?
Whatta they.....(k)No? Sure, maybe a bit of
Locale knowledge? As if!

Weary of wet-jets,
Flocking off, up North,
Limnber sticklers, Loons.
Close attenders of habitat.

Mid November, No ice, whatsoever,
Pelee Island>Boothia.

Some nonsense, about Peace+Quiet,
For the wee loonlets,
Where water's less greasy +
Sky's not smoggy, all day.

Oh Well, only hung around,
For what, ah... (circa 45 million)
Whadda they, No!
As if?

Still, some (enchanted) evenings,
Won't be, quite, the same.

What most still don't grasp, about
This warming, shrinking habitat,
Is quite a lot.

Most are un-wittingly, Un-persuaded,
Buy/Bought/Bot, pseudo-cat rats.

Who are, (un) just (ly) ass-id-u-ously
Up-grading, their Duh-Luxxx
"Pleasure-Crafts" (viz. life-boats)
With clever-fictitious con-flations, +
Yr. dough, John/Jane.

Sadly blinded, by the smog
Which obscures distant signs,
Smoke signals, from brightly,
Burning Tigers.

Buy, buy, fur now, Folks.

Monday, November 12, 2007

"Tush, Kiddie Diddler."

In Honour of Veteran's Day,
Tush, the Scary Pimp-a-null,
Star of the Egregiously Ignorant Bigots,
Tipped by a ditto re: a Gr.4 teacher's,
Pre 11/11/11,
In-class discussion of All Vets,
Including those Vets who 'object' to War,
Rushed in, to diddle the kiddies, again.

Again, Lying, again, about every aspect,
Of (again) a non "Story," again, this AM,
Lush's crowing, again, about his success,
Fucking the children,

What gushes, from da Tush,
Is just desserts, for dittos.

Butt, haven't we a general concensus, +
Much settled LAW, in re:
Repetitive, Vicarious, Viscious,
Fucking, of Children, (for profit)?

Come North for the fishing, Mush,
Bring pesty Tom, don't delay,
Bring Dead-eye Dick, bring Shrub,
Rub-a-dub, eh!

Re-apportioning, v. big in this district.
We have some rusty cans, +
Foxes, aplenty.

Many interesting off-sites, dark trails,
Cubanos, Yanqui script, at par.
American plans, nice rooms,
Great boarding,
Delighted to show you the ropes.

"Flag Protocols, 11/11/11, 2007."

The "McDonald/Cartier Highway," between Windsor,
+La Chateau, P.Q., long knicked, to da (G.D.) 401,
According to some, needs further "Re-Branding" as
"The Freedom Highway of Honour."

This, they say, is the
"Least, that we can do, to
"Support our brave, (dead) Troops."

To advance this notion, they bring children,
On overpasses, to learn to wave flags,
At cortages, bearing coffins,
En passant, au-dessous d'eux.

Hearse parties. Hoohuh?

Although flags may be dipped,draped,
Saluted and honoured,
In Remembrance.

Casual, personal, ceremonial,
Waving them AT coffins is
NO (repeat) NOT:
Part of the Canadian Canon,
Ever, never, Folks.

Poppies, not slogans, ribbons or flags,
Weeping+Thinking, are the Dress-of-the-Day.

Flags are sometimes waved, in celebration,

At the Enemy.

So, Jingobells, Jingobell, jingo, all the way.

Spontaneous? You betcha?
"Jus' wing-it, Right?"

"Our way, or/and/on, the highway!"

Stand fasct, in the ranks.

The World's Smartest, Senior, Successful, Politico,
QE11, Having dealt w/ many a moron, in her time,
Seems singularily un-amused by the bumbling antics
Of both, Fearless + Harpoon.
Top Gal! Long may She Regina.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

"Appallogetica" Sunrise Observances.

Offering, 1000:1 Odds, on any amount,
You care to wager.

Today, 11/11/11, truly a Day of Remembrance,
Between bike rides and fund raisers, Himself,
Will hector+harken to the Flock,
9/11, ad nauseum.

There will be much ado, about what was,
In the Great Scheme of Things,

Evidently, a small, "Surgical Strike" using
"SoA" homemade, "IEDs" as flying, "Smart Bombs"
A "Precisely Targetted Opportunity,"
"From Saudi Arabia, you say?
"Well, Of all the places? Whoda thunk?"

That killed, astonishingly, few people,
(about 3000, some 3/4 of whom were Americans)
Considering the massive,

Mucho! Macho! "Property Damage" in the here-to-for,
"Center of 'American' (viz. World) Capitalism."

But NOT PrimeTime? Hey, whaddaya,

"Gotta go with the flights, light on passengers,
"Full on fuel."

That's the heart of the M.Atta, w/partying,
In Prague, w/Saddam, right Dick?
You+Rummy otta know, having sold him,
The Program+perquisites.

Briefly, those are, "Just the facts, Ma'am."
Right? RSVP any considered correction(s).

There are two (2) kinds of World Trade, Byes,

Milo Minderbinder, Eco. 101
US Corps + Agribi$$ w/ huge tax subsidies,
To grow/not grow stuff, in the wrong places.
Fucking w/Currentcy, Fraudulent accounting, +

"Yes, you betta not have no bananas, Chiquita,"

MADE + ENFORCED, by the U.S.A.
Creating desparate, desperation for
Everyone, "Other," or Else.

Of which, Himself, the Yellow Rose,
Knows, nor cares, nary a whit.

(0), nought, naught, nada, rien, none,
Save the pseudo-judocious,
Ex parte, use of knoughts etc.

B.Ah, Yale, (magna, cum bullshit, null+groans)
M.B.A. Haavaard! (yeah eh, well they're aplenty)

Today, when some still recall,
Sacrifice, sometimes Supreme,
For those, "Others"
Of whom, cowards now counsel us,
"Be afeared, tres afeared, U Flockers."

"Howevernotwithstanding+withoutpredjudice" Tm. RNC.

"We neither need, nor want Yr. input,
"Butt, ya never, (ah, no) so keep,
"Ah, Yr. duct-tape, ah, handy."

Incessant, Damn Lies,
By a real, live deserters,
In, soi-disant, "War Time"?
Fraudulent, preening, dress-up,
Treasonous, AWOL cowards, Motto?

"We can make this work for US, so fuck 'em?
"Right Dick? KKKarl?, Condi? Alberto? Rummy? Tush?
(Katherine, Karen, Harriet, Dana, et al. handmaidens)

"Yo, Ant'inny, let's re-abolster da bench?
"Heh, heh, heh."

The Gassy, Gilded Gelding,
Lip-synching Stallion Songs,
Makes a body, twitchy, yeah?

Sic transit Americana.

As the last of the WW11 Veterans dwindle,
So too does our collective
"Wisdom," of the nature, of War.

Today, on all fronts, War is "framed" as a small
Escalation of someone's 'Righteous' Rebukes,
By profiteering pissants.
Routine Bizz, w/lot$ of "Co$t Plu$e$!"

Factual, Actual Veterans, who dissent,
Called Craven? By kiddie-diddlers.

So as fascism, always stylish, to some,
Becomes the new apple-pie order, in America,

Wholly supported by a Canadian Prime Minister,
Bereft of any, save the meanest motives,

Our cares, sighs, toasts and tears:

To Dad, CALGARY TANKS, Africa, Sicily, Italy, ETO,

His elder brother Vic, RCE, KIA, Nijmegen,

Younger brother Jay, RCN, Atlantic+Pacific,

Uncle Hughie, WPG. GRENADIERS, Hong Kong,
POW 4 years, Changi,

Uncle Ed, RCR, D-Day Landings, Scheldt,

Aunt Bet+Uncle Jack RCNR,

Waiting Mothers, who kept the homefires,
Fearing telegrams, above all things,

Those Million+ Canadians, who have always served,
With Valour and Honour, overseas,

Tommy Prince, among our many, truly Braves,

ALL the Children, who are, merely, 'collateral'
To the Gunners and Bombers,

Our deepest apologies.

It seems, the only passed Torches, these days,
Kindle Crosses, Oil wells.

Plenty of poppies, blowin' Afghanistan.

Je me souviens.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

"Leapin' Loonies' are calling to, 'Yoooo boohoo who, oo oo oooh,' Nancy!"

Regarding the Lawless Shrub rampant,
"There ain't nothin' we can't F.Up, Yehaw!" +

Ol' 9% approval, (Hummers all of 'em)
WyoDick, (Jus' for the hallibutt)
"None of Yr. G.D. bidne$$, F.U.!"

We have Wars, foreign+domestic,
Coming, going, gone,
"For Peace+Stability, + "Tuh 'Mur'can Way,"

More coming soon,
Chez vous, mes petits chouchous.

Economy, the imminent collapse of,
"Consumer Confidance," in anything, everywhere.

"Time to SHOP! Folks,
"Fer the Hols, fer Jasus!
"Get the lead out, eh.
"Bring a visa.

"We'll look after currentcy conversion,
"In accounting, (in Bangaladesh)
"Fer Ya, (N/C, except some handling)
"How 'bout them Air Miles!"

If Nancy's stumble-bums don't suspend,
ANY further "Credit Plans" to YK Who,
Many a rice-bowl will be soon broken,

"Mo' bettah, it be the Round Eyes'."
Sez Warner Oland, to #1 Son.

Friday, November 9, 2007

"Football, Eh?"

During yet another War, 1812, some soldiers,
From Rugby, in the Canadian Colonies,
Brought with them, the Game.
As usual, McGill had to teach Haarvaard.

From circa mid 1800s 'til around 1970,
It was terrific.

Only surviving iteration, CIAU!

No Imports! Only Canucks in CFL.
Like Bombers, in trust to the Community,
Not some bozo's bottom line.

+The Maritime Schooners, home games in
Newfy John, Slackers, Pettimuddiac,
+SummerSide, during lobster-fest.

Real Football, Canadian Football:

Big Pitch, akin to Soccer, wide, long.
3 for 10.
If we put it in Yr. end-zone,
You get it out or Yr. rouged!

Take a knee, is a Yankee thang.
None of this "Fairy Catching" shite.
Recievers get room to catch.
We prefer Yr. undivided, when we hit Ya.
Saves time, for the Game.

Then, we all played both ways,
Before it became passe, then,
Strangely popular again:)

Jus' kiddin' Folks,
Remember when a pat on Yr. ass,
Was encouraging?

When November was Winter, we walked
Up Osborne delighted to see
Jack Jacobs>Tom Casey! TD=5 points.

The Cheerleaders, weren't at all like,

"Be a Yalie, Where's my Beanie, Bar'ma?"

Our's had, tres intriguing, sustantive issues,
Above the waist.

So what's the Vegas Line, for this Sunday,
On the See Alice Seahawks vs the Head-On Hooters,
At the Trojan Con Dome, expect drizzle?

"Keep Yr. shirts on Gurlz!"

Watch+Wait for:
The fog of remembrance on Veteran's Day U.S.A,
"We always honor+support our Troops!"
At the Next NFL Tillman Tribute, Hooha.

Why would anyone, except Sore Cozy,
Pick up Bush, long since on waivers?

Well, he does have that expansive, expensive,
Ex-Connecti-Con, ipso facto,
Presto chango, Cowboy stance.
Down, Set, Yup!

Go Gryphons! Munch 'Stangs.

Stangs full value in great comeback over
Game Gryph's get chilled in Churchill.

Rouge et Or prances in to Slackers,
Huskies block, tackle, pass, run away.

The Championship of Canadian University
Football. The Vanier Cup, disappears into
Hogtown Media, enthralled with the spread
On the Clemson Cock-a-toos! Bills+Coos, ooH!

Wiki Canadian Governers' General,
Neither Vanier, nor Stanley, nor Clarkson,
Cups deserve this fetish w/Yanqui Crap,
"Fer da Boyz, Bubba!"

So Bisons win and now the Story is that
They're all late cuts from the East Tennessee,
Out-Door Arena league who, late in years,
Took up studying Merton+Loyola at
St. John's by the Roozh River?

Please advise?

"Hockey, Eh?"

In our time, there was a time before
Canadian Ice Hockey,
Became just money+violence.

It was our excellent, outside, Winter adventure.

There was joie, dans nos vivres,
No one mentioned the weather,
Except to comment on the "State of the Ice," +
Whether some, (laterly, 'power-skating-drills?')
Shovel work! would enhance our dekes.

ChillBlanes, that would cripple a Polar Bear, were gritted out, tears streaming, just part of our game.

Our Heros, via crystal sets,in Arctic attics,
Were swift, scoring, phenoms,
"Mosienko pots, 3 in 21 secs! Chihawks!"

We knew the 3 secret things, via Rene and Foster,

"La patinage, la patinage et la patinage!"

Sure there were dustups, just as in the world around us,
But tusslers, on the rinks behind,
Laura Secord PUBLIC School, ('Peg, circa '48)
Were summarily, dumped, off the ice,
Over the banks, on puck search.

Snowsuits, ending in bob-skates,
Tended to muffle gender issues.
Marilyn,(not a manson) was the star of Sr.K.

Tussels, slowed down our game, us.
Useful, successful adjudication. The Game.

Now, parsing any, "Hockey News" any media,
Is akin, +equally enjoyable, to following Bloomberg,
Or WWF, or "Celebrity" Poker?

100:1, Money:Skills,
(talent, enchantment, teamwork)

About The Game, nada.

This commercial blather is a long piece, from,
Wes, Baldy, Jack, Bobby and da boyz,
'Round the old Hot-Stove.

They convinced us to read a book by L. Percival,
Who had a "Sports College! On the Air!"

So too! (read the book) did Anotoli Tarasov,
Which is how we came to loose heart,
And the Series, in '72.

Some Canucks, who were live, in Luzhniki, still hear,
The crunch of Bobby's stick,
Breaking Valerie's ankle.
Still spit, a the mention of Joe Kompala.
Means, ends, perhaps, but not our Game.

Coincidently, for quick energy, we consumed vats of
BeeHive Golden Corn Syrup!
Many became DDS's.
"Come onnnnn, Teeder!"

Ante-Zamboni, twelve yr. old, PeeWee playin'
Watchers at The Gardens, or Forum, loved to
See the smiling old Vets, brooms, brushes, shovels,
Then the steamy barrels, walked briskly,
By a two-man trace, pusser shines, in toe-rubbers.

Layin' down the glass. No lumpy baseboards. No slush.
No wet spots when puck drops.

No Ads. No G.D. Base-ball! Caps?
Fancy Fedoras, sometimes sacrificed in elation.

Thru the Tunnel, "Inside" was for The Game.

Good Ice, was an elegant art, in or out.
(Barely surviving now, mostly at Bonspiels)

But there's plenty more, Up North, right?

If The Cup could talk, what would it say?
Howie Morenz? Thistles? Afghanistan?

Eric certainly had talent.

Why are all these Kids, so fat?

One night, Cotton told Mcknight that,
The Leaf defence looked like fire-plugs
To onrushing Oppo. forwards,
Plus ca change, eh?

There's much, again, to remember in November.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

"Table Talk + Retrodacto"

Once upon a time, at a round (native) table, the news of a President's 'passing' was announced.

One of 'those' who are (still!) phillaryed+adjured to
"BE SEEN + Not heard," wondered,
"how Could THEY, TELL?"

Stuff, like this, drover to drink.

So we wikied Cool Cal, jus' to brush up, a bit.

Suddenly, in rhythm w/ John Lee+Van,
Zoom, the fonts, texts, were up+dancing.

Retro Erato, one of the Nymphs, like T.Belle 'cept,
(SoA, bitchin' SoftWare)
Needs shoulders, nuzzles nape,
"Come back to bed, you Fool!"

But the byte's in my teeth, +they're in the
"Over-night Solution?"
(Jar o' Malt, more's handy:)

"So whaddaya, sorry Uncle Albert?"

Licking clean, our resinous specs, Re-focus.

Everything on Wiki, that was cool,
Became vaguely blurred, almost bushy.

"But lot's has changed, since then, right?"

Well, before Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, NK+
"Other" axials of "Evil Doers" like,

Haiti, Liberia! Honduras, Niceragua, Panama, Bolivia,
Grenada! Columbia, Cuba, Grassy Narrows,

(Et al+al, ever+ever, Ah, men.)

Always Smaller Countries, un-convinced that,
"'Mur'can Interests" are ALL-WAYS, Trumps.

Same shit. Since a Ponce began to profess,
Da Fe(th), here-a-boots.


Towards the pre-detente denoument of
Ye G. Ol' U.S.A,'s last, rilly/way, Long "In-Country"

(Didn't dittos usta LOVE [Al] Nobel? Dyn-o-mite?)

When, The Hammerin' Hanky, Kiss-o'-dearth,
(All Risk, no Clue, in Office, on knees, w/Dick.)
Sanctions + surges w/ mucho bombos,
Billets douces for his Eastern pal, Yu Duc Thieu,
Needed most of a YEAR,

To reckon the exact, design, shape, size, colour,
Height, breadth, width,

(Whose points, are to be distributed where,
En Suisse? In the no-bids + residuals?)

Of a table, in France, dien bien tru, fou,

"'Afore time, came to chit-chat, about Peace."

"It ain't da Meet, it's Low-cution.
"That makes Yo' Daddy wanna shout." Galz.

Where, When, What shall we begin to gather 'round?

W'hut's... that Nancy, Tabled?"


Tuesday, November 6, 2007

"Yanka-nucks" lay the marks, abreast (b) lubbers, "Thar she blows, Byes!"

Any cursory survey of the 'might be right' websites,
Reveals a curious pattern, fear+loathing of debate.

Any comment on their incessant, easily checked,
(google, wiki) blatant, factual errors,
Soon meets grape-shot.

Yr. "A raving, anti-Christ Moonbat." +(Laff Trac)

That's it. The rebuttal. Full Stop.

When the perps are just prancing, post-pubescents,
(Under 50:)
This adolescent idolitry, of self abuse,
Is sometimes just jejeune.

When Bigotted, Old Bozos invoke
Grand Parental 'privy-all-edge'
Calling it macaroni,
That's egregious.

Canuck con-blogs are routinely, mini-
Rush/Michelle manques, oneway way wingnuttia,
"Pissed Off Texans With Guns" always a fav.
Mimico-graphed, en direct,

From, "Head.. Q-war-ters" as Jocko T. usta say.

Canuck prog-blogs are routinely whiny, pathetique.
With news of cats, colostomys, silly semi-
Similes, "If the Venitians hadn't gone blinds,
It would be curtains, for everyone!"

Whence debate if there is no Commons?

What a loss to social intercourse that,
Akin to their spanky wanky yankee heros,
Our raff can't riff, either,
Except, auto-erraticaly.

So here's Yr. query o'day, Dear Dittos:

If Gandi could end the Brit Raj, emancipating
Hundreds of millions,
With a handful of salt,
Would a Moose lick Lot's Wife?

Best blowback from the gangsta blogga,
Tory gunslingers so far?

Wee Jay Currie, Dodo Frump wannabe.

"boreal? = some kinda bear, on peyote?"

Ah..."Yeah, that's the ticket!"

"You wish," sez Goldberry.

"Let go, Starboard."

"Bush ads hoc, Phtttooey!"

20 Jan. '09, if we survive 'til then,
Should demand sober reflection, not Party Time.

We have all sadly frittered away, eight long years,
Celebrating the same old routine, greed and slaughter,
Directed by dim, damn dilletanttos, with freaky fetishes.

Setting Sex aside, for the moment,
Let's pay some attention to the
Weather 'cause only

When/If we can 'stablize'
GHGW emissions = P.T.
Real Reductions = Fiesta!
If not, it'll happen over time, anyway.

The durational interval may involve much,
Weeping+Gnashing, but "Hey?
"Lock,I'm!" Right, Uzi Likudzi.

Bushtime has all been recess, standard Jr.
Sand-box Fables+Folly?
Hope that bell tolls soon, getting blustery.
Be nice, to be back, within any small structure?

"Ad hoc?" = NO Trials for us, secret trials, For YOU!

All, the wayalong, this tiresome, jizzum trail,
Driven by the Turd Bloss's Bosses,
Long, "Amour propre" gone berserko, Bobalooey.

Breath-takingly, careless, incompetent ignoramuses,
Lusting towards some phallacious Providence,
With all the cowardice they can bluster.

"None of 'em can run a beer sale, on a troop ship."

"Still, quite a ways from Abiline, eh Tex?
"Some of the boys were jus' askin'..?

(Some Gals there, don't treat you so mean)

Fearless? He jus' makes it up,
"Whatever!" Comes a'moseyin' along, l'il Doggies.

Kinda leaves a strange taste, yeah?

Sunday, November 4, 2007

"Shining, Sweetwater Rivers, Moonlight Skating!"

Some of us were Prairie born,
To Fathers fighting far away,
To stop a 'madman' who said,

"Dissenters? sehen Sie,
"We'll get ya, persuade ya,
"One way, oder andere."

"Gotterdamerung!" without even the oft cit.
By neo-morons, reassuring comfort of
Supply-side, free market, "Timely Trains?"

Winter Rivers, were our Heart's Delight.

1939, Autumn 'til 1942, Spring,

Desperate North Atlantic Battles,
Life-lines to Britain, overseas, under seige.
The Hope for a Ghost of a Chance.

That "Coalition....?"
England, Canada, Commonwealth + Refugees.

Wehrmacht: Luftwaffe, Blitzkreig, WolfPacks,
Bismarck, Tirpitz, Fockkers, Waffen SS,
Later, Rommel's Desert Panzers+88s.

Front Line Ops. Groups?
Merchant Mariners, many Nations,
5-10 knots, through torpedo alley,
"The Gap" for an Old Navy.

SOME, Dunkirk Dingys, Sailboats, Fairmiles,
Coasters, MTBs, Sweepers, Corvettes,
ALL, RN+(R), RCN+(R), RAF+(R), RCAF+(R).

"Sina qua non." WSC.

(H. still pals w/S., later Murmansk Supply,
Another Story, Frozen ships sink.)

EVERYTHING: rationed, reused, recycled,

U.S. Depression lessens, $$$ to be made,
Earned, stolen, profiteered.
Prescott Bush, Joe Kennedy Sr. et al.
Raised on Robbery.

"In pursuit of Happiness"
Brilliant, coastal neon backlights
Convoys, for Untersee-Boots.

Aloha, Frangipani, Bouganvilla,
Pearl Cocktails! Mahalo, TGIS.

Two+ Hard, Long Years, into World War Too,
Yanks notice Tojo's OIL PLAY!
"Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere!"
"W'hell, Ah'll be a Tokyo Rose, BUB."
Local Similes, rapidly rendered.

442nd will be the most decorated U.S. Batt.
Powdered clouds, in everyone's coffee.

"Reefer Madness" displaces "Demon Rum" on
Urgent, U.S.A. to do list.
Paving paradise continues apace.

River skating "High Season" often began,
Before All Hallow's Eve, lasting Past Easter.
Now, "Thin ice, stay off" year 'round.

"Clearly, Un-related to GHGW?" Data Redacto,
W.H Bimbetta Vacante, OIC Blithering+Dithering.

Joni always takes us on passionate,
Thoughtful Journeys, rhythmic, melodic, lyrical.
"Shine" is a memory, somewhere down a
Moonlit River, Old Dreams, on which,
We may all, still skate away.

Hibbing Mn. in the Mesabi Range,
Makes a poetry man, "Blue" in changin' times,
But "'Taint February in Saskabush" Byes.

"Don't it always, seem to go..?"

What? More War(s)?

UPDATE: Weekend News,
Remember when "Sunday Talk"
Was of Any Consequence?

Meme: "Pillory Billary Doc" say pissants run amok.
MSM: "More, after these messages."

Tennessee Stud(ge) zzzzzz, on Tool Time w/Tim.

Zoot Suit Blankley, he sure is.
Waxing gibberous. Moony.

Kristol Natch! on "Courage/Honour" hizz,
"Support the Troops! Over there, not Here!"
"Rt. on LillaPutz, how goes the Putsch?"
He's a way, fey, butchy chaton, D'accor'?


("Naming Rights!" Call "IT" whatever you want!
Steaming, streaming rivers of revenue,
Scent marking, da Brand.)




Ex Ranger Tillman,P. ??? Not so much as his
Grieving Family, joins the uncounted others
In wondering, "Why would anyone do that to us?"
"What possible, plausible 'Good' is being served?

Pretend Yr. being held, under water,
Holding Yr. breath? Good. Right?

So, how'er we doin' building bridges,
Over troubled Rivers? Karen?
"Don't LTSD Hit Yr. AOTW OUT.

"Madness?" said Major Tipton, "Madness!"

"Well," you may ask, "Why?"

"Yowser Massa."
"How much for a quick lube, rube?"

UPDATE: 08 Nov. 07
Sask always great at parties, Go Green!

Saturday, November 3, 2007

"Good" Noose, from Wet Jet!

Among the many irregularities, plaguing the great "American" body politic, these days,

Nooses, knee-slap "Reminders" of the good ol'
Plantation Days,+ Administration "InfoDumps."

It's their M.O. their I.D.

A newtech version of the ancient needle
In the haystack challenge, with
Just a faint whiff, of the whip.

Where some small prize say, TRUTH is
By riffraff, in a huge pile, of chuff, chaff and bullshit.

A Zillion, triaged, edited, redacted, photo-shopped,
Inadvertantly missplaced,(bad puppy) e-mails,
Do Not, comme l'evidence germane,
Leviatrate to any Level of Sworn Testimony.(TT,TWT+NBTT)

"Dana! Once more! For us slowpokes: SVP,
"Who's Not getting, How MANY Pages, of What? When?" Oh,
"Well, it's clearly obvious, ya gotta, 9/11, Right?"

Dana makes, Scottie "Jr. Mac+Frys, W/Toy"
Seem a trenchant, suave repartisto.

As Dan admonished Jane, on ancient SNL,
Back when it was mildly amusing,
"Dana! U ig........ut!"

Yet another ancient, proven, settled/ stari decisis,
Since 1215! The bedrock of the "Common Law,"

Joining the other "Quaint"!
Pillars of Due Process,
Habeas + Ex post facto, nil illegitimus,

Discarded/ignored! By Bushy Solons,(Hon)LLDs,
Summa Ignoramus, Reagent Res Collages at
Bah Ram U. (Go Flockkers!)

Same braintrust, now weighing Nuclear Options,
Vis-a-mort, Iranis, Et tous des nous!

12 long months of 'survival' shuck+jive, comin' down.

THEIRS'... NOT (Y)OURS, Gntl Rdrs.

Our Patience, is no virtue here.

Today, Wet-Jet, 'Rt-On' Mini. of Protecting
Canadians from Charm, Islamo-Fascism, etc
Had some 'good' noose for us mooks,
From Joey, (who's from Leaside!)

"Hey Whatever? Seems fair to Dublya?
(Sotto voce)
"We're jus' as 'PissyPants' as he is, Yup,
(Allegro con brio)
"But TOUGH, on crime, don'tcha.."

NO! As the Bears in the Woods often say,
"A whole Day? Without our Charmin'!..."

BlackBears use Blueberrys,
To communicate.
"Yeah you too, Sandra."

Better news:

According to many 'troubled' sources, accidents, injurys,
Deaths, via jet-skis, recreational snowmobiles,
ATV's + handguns in homes, all up sharply.

Life in the pool slowly evolves.

Omar Khadr, sadder budweiser, for the assidious attention,
To the "Letter of the Law," in re Canucks Abroad,
"We'll tell ya, who's errant."
By Harpoon+crew, shall surely be cheered by this,

Timely, Co-mingling of Canuck+Yankee,
Dungeon, Torture + Kill fetishists',


U go, Wet Jet Coi!
(Avril's anthem to coarse, bottom feeders)

Somebody dropped their pint!
Maritimes to batten'er down Byes.

La Vente Mechant, Pas Keewadin ou Mariah,
C'est Noel.

A la prochaine, mes Amis.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

"Bush Throws Down! On Tubesters!"

A Brief Synopsis: Today:
Run-aroun'-Sooey, again gave us,

"The 'Spee'acha" (#2873+counting) regurgitated
Grimly, sans brio, ad sominum, to some
Hemi-demi-semi quavers, nary a Hooha,

At the "F.U. Farley,
Con Club, Social Luncheon," IO/RSVP.

("Premium" washroom passes, dance lessons,
lemony moist, hot towels, O/S at coat-check,
No cheques or plastic, SVP)

"Let's put 'em together for some Hocus Pocus
"Diddlyocus, from Yr. very own SCOTUS POTUS!"

Buckeroos yahoo, prelim swaggers+smirks,
Pursing, squinting, "Ah, Howdy Folks,

"Ah'm h'ar tuh tol' Ya, agin'" moue,

"9/11, here, not there, 9/11,
"Blue Meanies! 9/11
"War there, not here, 9/11,
"War costs, gimme! 9/11,
"Hey, be us? You betcha, 9/11
"Advise+Consent? fuggit'er,
"9/11, Me Decider, 9/11,
"U STFU!" 9/11.

"Ya don' like it, U Flockkers?
"Condi's pal Gitmo's sum ol' be'atch!
"We gots, ah, broads, boards, sumthin'
"Not jus' fer surfin' See!
"Volley ball nets, an' everthang,
"Heh, heh, heh, Huh? Who? ME?"

Jesus, wearying of the stretch drive,
Usually batting clean-up for the Lone Ranger,
Was a late scratch so, the game changed.(QED)

"Ummmmmm, that right, Kemosabe."
"U hold the bag, Pronto."

Just a long fairway wood, awful lie!
Wet rough, katabatic gale coming from
"Amen Corner,"
You can SEE the artificial flowers,
Hear the painted creek, RaeJay!
SMELL the $$$!

"Goin' fer'er! Ma!" comme l'habitude,

Our own Doofus, Dizzy(The Don)Dublya,
(or nuttin' fer all 'yas)
Crooks+squints, wiggles his (g)assets,
Purses+puckers, preens+.. When,

Red Alert: New Targets on the Range,
Cheney on trap. Pull!

Dub's flying flail, a slap-shot style,
Swinggg-gana... boomerang slice at: "Three!"

Well natch, everybody knows, now.
For Oh'Rileee tol'em so.[yeh'ass Jay'sus]

2/Code Pink!=Lenin Sisters? As if!
Some L.Welk fans took this as a diss,
To their gruntles, a bubble breaker.

Some standard boiler-plate, 'Quisling Dems,'

Nothing on DixChix, or the "Funny" little knots,
Laying around, lying lately, locally.

"Looting=Democracy" right Rummy?
"Comment ca va, vous vacances,
"Dans La Belle, Vieille France?

"See Simon, we only lash, to a degree.
"Gotta stress 'at position."

(We all, da nigras, on dis' planetation, Folks)

3/All us plumbers, in those "Tubes"
Augering in the steamy stables of
Lies+Disasters, over and over, still! yet!

A Two-Bit, Urban, Texan Dope,
Back Cursading, Children.

Speaking of a nice fables,
There's a Gorey Story
About many, happy, little bugs,
Some blue, some red, some yellow beset,
So one day, out on their constitutional,
They say, "Let's Roll" for

"Life, Liberty, Truth, Justice and
"The 'American Way' to go Boyz."

Mohandas, ended the British Imperial Raj,
For hundreds of millions,
With a handful of salt.

Let the Pubics wonder+fret,
"Would a Moose Lick Lot's Wife." Yeah?

"First, they ignore U, Then they laugh at U,
"Then they fight U
"+Then, U Win."

Mahatma coat! (goldie quip, author?) Gandi-ji.

Aweigh, Me Hearties! We'll 'ave yon sillycons!

"'Taint enow't, to breast the Cape,
"She's still a far, fair piece,
"From Table Bay, to hot Hormuz!
"Ready'er, to 'Slip+Proceed'"

(Note to Trekkies: 'S+P' Way mo'betta, "Engage?")

"Chicken-Hearted Hawkish Cowards Don't do Debate."

Do they Dubya! Butt,
Thar's many a "Wormtongue," grimma than U think,
Delighted to dissemble,
For an "Un-Reasonable" fee.

They ALL preach the SAME SERMON.

The absolute essence of wistful, wing-nuttery is,

"Iffen Y'all cain't unnerstan' it,
"Kill'er, 'afore hit kilt U."

Which may, at times, be marginally useful,

Unless Yr. breadth+depth of unnerstandin', is

Like KKKristol Bill, Snit Fume, Hush Bimbo,
Sucker TarryTown, Ayny C. etc.

Local Fav, Michael Coren, pretends to London foggery
But he's really more Rhodesian RidgeBack.

Yr. teeny, weeny, mostly meany minds,
+Yr. Canna quite, "Get" the

"Daily/Repor' Repartee."

Smooth Slander, for hire,
Oblivious to Wit+Worth, befuddled by Reality,

Righteous Truthiness vs Da River in Egypt!

Seems Da Boyz, Jon+Stephen, invite Debate.

Not these TV, American Idyll Gabfests,
Among da Contenders. Real Debate.

About Reality, War+Peace, Survival?

So "Calling all Pundits,

"Bring IT (Whatever you can mustard) ON."
(can U keep Yr. piece-o'-cod, unbattered)

Anytime or place, Yr. Frum Canuckistan,

Right David?

Words, at ten paces, and the Crowd gets to
Tazzz!@#$%er, the loser, to their

Happy, Heart's Content. Sweeps Week!

That Colbert Kid, he's got some grit.

Whaddaya, Whaddaya?