Sunday, September 16, 2007

Petreaus, Indefinite on Iraq+Pronouns

More gripping testimony, on the surging Occupation of Iraq, this week, from Head Honcho Petreaus who, oddly, "Didn't know whether these (long sad) years, (of looting, raping, pillaging and slaughter) had made America any safer (whatsoever)."

He prefaced his report by insisting that nobody, not Fallon, Gates, Rice, Cheney, Bush or his Mom had had even a peek at it.

'It' being....'this,' the specific hard copy, in his hand, now, printed ten seconds prior to his show+tell.

Can you parse the dangling parti- of/by the dis-ciple here?

Right, no hint, except covert, crafted, plausible deniability, of being 'closeted' all week with some/all of "Senior" leadership above discussing "it."

It's a knack, how to spin "it."

So 'it' is 'this' and that's that, (QED)

Evidentialy sometimes, Heros are sandwiches, Cigars are smokes and a Sub is just a peoney.

The great thing about being the Decider is deciding to delegate.

Among the many novelties advanced by the Bush Gang is the constant delegation of responsibility, the "Buck stops....over there, anywhere but here." theory of Leadership.

And while General P. was thus engaged, who was watching the store/fronts, in Iraq?

Yet another grand jete, quad axel, in the tuck position, with three and a half twists, and Bob's Yr. uncle, Fannie's Yr.aunt.

It,takes your breath away; Bravo, fortissimo! Though its curtains for the rest of us muggles.

Gonzo+ T.Blossom may have left the building but they are still being channelling in Congress.

Many moons ago, the estimable Groucho told someone, maybe Cavett, of a knotty legal problem required the att. of his attorneys, Schwartz, Schwartz, Schwartz, Schwartz and Schwartz esq(s), so he gave them a call.

The fellow answering the phone explains, at the outset, that Mr.Schwartz is unavailable, on holidays or some such. Groucho, unabashed, asks to speak to Schwartz, only to be fobbed off again with another excuse. This pattern repeats four times until his final request for Schwartz is answered with...."Speaking."

This is how they, (The Ex Post Factos), treat everyone, all as sundry.

Christmas is coming, but the Sanity Clause, (slouching towards Baghdad,) still seems a long ways off.

"I shall be 'sad' of another death," and so must we all.

At least we know who's at the end of the line, wiggling, not at the thought of the hook, but halcyon days to come, "..coffers to replenish."!

Someone more skilled at forensic blogging than us might, usefully, answer this:

How many troops were schedulled to rotate out by the first of the year, anyway?

The body of MoveOn's notorious ad is accurate in fact, and the punning of names is legit. (QED)

Sadly, the puny "Betray-us", lacks both wit+worth and is prima facie infra dig, if not quite the treasonous act alledged by neo- nitwits, privately giggling at this infantile gift donkey.

A veritable molehill compared to the mountain that was the Swift Boating of another much decorated veteran.

S.O.P. for the C.H.C's

Considering that this quagmire is, step by step, Vietnam deja vu, perhaps a caption, plus apropos, may have been,

"General, remembering 'Tet' (pray) pay us, the courtesy of the truth, whole truth, and nothing but the truth."

My word, this is wearisome work.

Goodnight to Frank+Dilys and Dennis+Anne, where ever you are.