Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Craig Redux! "The Hints just keep on Cumming"

Now that this misdemeanor (Da more I miss, da meaner I get) has tsunamied the MSM, mere updates to "Larry's last Stall", below, no longer suffice.

Watch for:
1/"..intention to resign............Sept. 30th" year unspecific.

2/"No misdemeanor conviction brought to Ethics Committee in Senate history".

3/ Ida+Minne, being "A long way out of town" from Washington, Craig's new theme, "It aint nobody's bidness what I do".

4/Billy Martin Esq., like erstwhile Yankee skip, will kick sand+bully the Ump to the delight of MSM shareholders and Dems.

5/Foaming at the mouth by McConnell, Graham etc. will be widely misconstrued resulting in Saxby Chandless becoming Pubic point man on this issue (Sample situational quote, 'Well Woof').

6/Dancing w/ Stars producers offer Larry/Arlen combo serious points in Iraqi Oil Bill to do the "Hokey Pokey" primetime, live during fall Sweeps.

7/To straighten the great ship of state, Rove has Dana brief in wet t-shirt.
Surely none of you munchkins think he really retired.

8/Crack, SAC, USAF crew from Minot draws first run to Teheran.
RNC surreptitiously tags plane "We No Law Gays".

9/ Mitt Moroni pledges to outfit all congressional pages with hockey gloves, ear plugs, ball gags and kevlar cruisers so as not to lead them into Temptation.
Gets Dobson's backing.

10/Thompson has every intention of declaring soon; names William (Wormtongue) Kristol media maven.

Stay tuned, me Hearties.