Wednesday, September 19, 2007

"Yellow Bellied Varmint," Endangered+Listing

Howdy Folks,
Welcome to the Great Western Comedy Conflation Club,

"Gettin' mighty close to noon, 'darlin', ya'll wouldn't forsake me now, would yuh?"

Barney, downcast+morose, smiled ruefully, and left the room.

What's the Lone Ranger going to do here?

Not the real Lone Ranger, surely?

"Ummm, that right Kemosabi."

Kid Ahmadinejad has called 'im out "Meet me at the U.N you Great Satan."

Cisco Chavez disses him with impugnity, "Hey Gringo, to help Yr. poor have heat in their casas, we fart in Yr. direction," Cisco loves the Pythons.

How will Run-away-Sooey handle this dilemma? You got it.

Deciding's easy, but how do you delegate a showdown?

Easy, same as it ever was.
The M.O.= Chicken out and run away,(Sir Robin), always worked, so far.

Trouble is he's got a terrible itchy trigger finger.
EEKs, shoots and cleaves.

Tells Jesus Christ to "Sort 'em out," and he's either at the ranch or on the plane.

So who's going to bell this pussy?

Tune in next week, all you little Buckeroos, when we'll find out down the road "Why the Chicken is so cross?"

Happy trails, 'til then.

Newshounds cringed as the Yellow Rose stumped on his porch with guns ablazin' yesterday.

Noteworthy, among much collateral damage, was Nelson Mandela.

The bad news? Buchanan's dream, "All out, culture War."
The good? "U.S.A. low on ammo" reports the A.P.
....or visa versa, depending on Yr. point of view.

The "Leader of the Free World" unlike Miss Otis, won't even send his regrets to the Iranian University, but will have someone take a leak on his behalf citing a schedulling glitch involving a cookout for THE BASE.

In a "Bury the Hatchet" gesture, some of those "Choice Folks" will cater the Annual Born Again, Bomb the Clinics+Chicken BBQ on the South Lawn.

That the service includes nothing but devilled eggs will go un-noticed as the differential is far too fine a point for the celebrants of "Intelligent Digestion."

Yeehaw, are we havin' fun yet?