Saturday, September 29, 2007

"Reefer Madness abounds, Clementcy always wrong," says Tony.

We were mulling over the terrible inconvenience of weeds today when a news bullet, on the wireless, richochetted mighty close to heart(h) of many a Canuck, so to speak.

CBC reports that Tony "Ball Peen" Clement, in order to keep us all healthier, has decided that more stringent penalties should accrue to those Canucks who find some herb efficacious, from time to time.

How long, do you suppose, shall we all Kowtow to these anal compulsive neo-nitwits and their denials of everything, all of us?

How 'bout less distain and more "Le Dain?" Let's Kyoto instead.


Yr. guess is as good as any, maybe we should do something, one of these fine days.

Duya think?

"Tell me quando, quando, quando?"

Today, works fine for us.

Eight (8) Billion tax dollars per annum fund the narcs, the courts, the prisons, you know, the "Game," here in Canada Oh, and the DEA wants in on the action.

Why? Well a Regent Falwell Scolar (who can read), and now, at nineteen(and a half), is Senior Policy Advisor and W.H. Liason to the current dimwit running 'Just Say No,' tripped+fell over an old High Times whilst evading (the usual) leacherous advances.

Somethimg about "Super Natural B.C Bud," she discovered that oddly, softwood and worms were hardly mentioned.

She summoned her (roving) supervisor Guy and the rest is, ah, the usual, except suddenly her mousey coif was replete with ringolettes and quality time with the family became irresistable.

The Pushers?

If cannabis canadiensis were not punitively prohibited, they would melt away like Larson B and the mayhem+machine guns would go with them, Oz's would immediately deflate to circa 1960 levels, maybe ten bucks, and there would be a lot more dancing in the Moonlight.

What's wrong with that?

We could all use tote-bags and lots and lots of other 'hemp' stuff that may, in a pinch, unlike the plastic choking the biosphere, be smoked.

What's wrong with that?

Tony and his cohort are looking to mimic the great success of Bushworld, where since the Coup d'etat, 869,000 ex-kids are now doing hard time because, it is alledged that, they may have had a joint in their jeans.

Some argue that that's not Norml.

As Steveland Morris reported "Come on! Get in that cell nigger."

More jails, yeah, that's the ticket.

Any Canuck Elder, has long (personal) knowledge, of cops, lawyers, judges, politicos, doctors, friends+neighbours, smart, reasonable cookies all, who flash a spliff to relax, unwind, smell the roses, ease the pain+nausea of chronic and palliative strains.

What's wrong with that?

The only 'truth' in "R.M." is its usefulness to pandering pols like Phoney C.

We're weary of this long litany of lies, if you want to bust us Tony, send the choppers.

Let's be blunt (not cheesy) about this.

Pass me the rocket launcher children, we'll call it democracy.

Meanwhile, the Arctic is still melting, faster.

You go, T.C., You know where we all live.