Friday, August 31, 2007

September Song

Now that GWB, on behalf of the Braintrust, has stacked the deck at SCOTUS, Justice et al, and the bamboozled bumpkins are enthralled with washroom etiquitte and the Persians are Coming, the Persians are Coming, its hard to remember Septembers before the Yellow Rose was transplanted to Washington to become the only Law west, or east of the Pecos.

Much more toxic than the "Cloud over Idaho" is the miasmal swamp of lies, damned lies and statistical effluvia churned out daily by these CHC's (Chicken Hawk Cowards).

If only those damned heathens would give the Sisters 75% of the oil $ for the next 30 years, would we machine gun fewer of their grandmothers? Maybe,(What's not to like? Free Trade= Bidne$$ etc.)

Meanwhile, rest assured that all these Worldwide Record Breaking Weather Events are unrelated to cascading pollution of the Biosphere.
Mother Nature? She'll be coming round the mountain when she comes; as many uppity ex- species have found.

If the U.S. Congress delays putting the Pup back under the porch past September, "Let's Roll", (Out the tumbrels), in honour of not only 9/11, but also the "Collateral" millions of innocent civilians slaughtered for the convenience of "U.S. interests"+Humvee enthusiasts everywhere.

Happy Labour Day Earthlings!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Larry's last stall

Leaving aside the sexual politics of Sen. Craig's recent imbroglio, his decision to "Seek legal options" has recently been dismissed as fantasy by legal beagles all over the MSM.

These rationales are rooted in the "Quaint" notion that (Gracias, Gonzo) any law remains in the U.S.

GWB, Himself, is very forthright on this issue explaining that stari decisis means he decides and we all stare (In shock+awe).

Ever since those giants of jurisprudence, Ashcroft, Yoo, Gonzales,Hadley et al, posited heretofore undiscovered defects in the Magna Carta, Blackstone, the Haig+Geneva Conventions and the Bill of Rights, "Ex Post Facto,"is the new bedrock of "'murican justice", in lay terms the Grand Old cover your ass Phallusy.

This touchstone offers the Senator many novel options regarding his admisson of guilt:

1/ Like FISA '78, his Aug.'07 guilty plea is "Old" and the times, they are a-changin'.

2/Overcoming the shame+guilt, he now confesses to a lifelong closeted passion for "Race music" and having the Mighty Temps on his ipod during his close encounter.........well, let those among you who can listen to the intro to "Papa was a Trolling groan" without involuntary toe tapping, cast what stones you may.

3/Hungry for contact with humanity outside-the Beltway , the reach below the partition was, unlike Elaine's, simply a kind offer of a spare square.

4/In a stunning lateral, legal glissando, satisfying The Base's redemptive fetish, he will assert the famous Geraldine precedent "The Debbil made me do it."

Update: 03 Sept. 07: Arlen (Do I dare to eat a peach?) Spector, never one to pass a parsing opportunity, exhorted his beleagered Co-Pubic to fight on against his unreasonable, signed admission of guilt.

Correctly noting that "Intending" is neither predictive nor binding, the Ranking Member exhorted his colleague to un-besmirch via simple legal remedies.

Update: 04 Sept.07: MSM all atwitter tonight over Craig "Spokesperson" revisiting the cobbles on the road to Hell.

Citing the beleaguered Senator's hasty (Arrested June '07 +mailed in guilty plea Aug. '07) admission, the Spud State Spinmeister said "It's just paper and there are few sissors sharper than Arlen", refering to "Shall I wear my trousers rolled" Spector.

Having earlier dropped his Idaho campaign chair like a hot you-know-what, Mitt Moroni expressed confidence in the ability of the Regent Scolars, now running the DOJ, to rock on, thus quashing Spector's salient.

Only time will tell if Craig's plea can cover this contingency but look for breaking news about his cub scout semaphore badge and American Sign language studies as mitigating factors.


The best part of Rush Limbo's (How low can you go?) daily entertainment is the lisping baby talk he affects to denigrate the "Enemy," particularily anyone or thing however remotely associated with the "Democrat" party although ees a puzzlement how a descriptive invoking handsome cabriolets is pejoritive, but that's his enduring charm, being not even wrong and putting the cart before the mule.

This (s)talking point has outlived the once robust "Upper"down vote which was quietly retired at midnight on '03 Nov. '06.

Although there's much bleating over this presumed canard, by progressive English majors everywhere, none of the ripostes in the blogisphere seem quite, le mot juste, here's a suggestion.

Grand(ios) certainly, Old (White+male) you bet, but Party (Not much fun); let's call them the Pubics.

Short, catchy and redolent of that portion of the body politic fundamental to all fundamentalists.

Whaddaya, whaddaya?

Update: 03Sept07
Lush Bimbo reprised KKKarl's recent show+tell for dittoheads+wingnuts on the EIB (Egregiously Ignorant Bigots) network today.
Among the usual curious assertions was the startling news that Turd Blossom, an autodidact, had bested the Scholar (Yale+Harvard) in a hard fought Reading contest!

Shut Yr. mouf and pet a goat!

From the mouths of babes

The recent hue+cry over Miss S. Carolina's ad lib is a template for the avalanche of drivel that passes as commentary in most media.
Here's a novel idea, rather than repeating hearsay, let's read what she said.

Challenged to opine on the sorry state of U.S. geoliteracy she begins by clarifying "U.S. Americans," a particularly useful definition for the rest of us between Cape Horn and the North Pole.

She then alludes to the dearth of "Maps" (Viz. atlases, almanacs, or books of any description) in most U.S homes.
She then, quite rightly, cites South Africa, Iraq and Asia as global points where rampant U.S. ignorance (Folly is assumed) compounds, rather than ameliorates, misery.
She concludes by suggesting that better education in the U.S would help everyone.

All in all, a cogent, coherent, simple, sane syllogism from premise to conclusion.
Moreover, the entire tone+thrust of her argument indicates the kind, warm heart of a teen who wants to help.
As to the braying nitwits who scoff at her syntactical missteps, go back and parse the wit+wisdom of GWB.