Friday, August 31, 2007

September Song

Now that GWB, on behalf of the Braintrust, has stacked the deck at SCOTUS, Justice et al, and the bamboozled bumpkins are enthralled with washroom etiquitte and the Persians are Coming, the Persians are Coming, its hard to remember Septembers before the Yellow Rose was transplanted to Washington to become the only Law west, or east of the Pecos.

Much more toxic than the "Cloud over Idaho" is the miasmal swamp of lies, damned lies and statistical effluvia churned out daily by these CHC's (Chicken Hawk Cowards).

If only those damned heathens would give the Sisters 75% of the oil $ for the next 30 years, would we machine gun fewer of their grandmothers? Maybe,(What's not to like? Free Trade= Bidne$$ etc.)

Meanwhile, rest assured that all these Worldwide Record Breaking Weather Events are unrelated to cascading pollution of the Biosphere.
Mother Nature? She'll be coming round the mountain when she comes; as many uppity ex- species have found.

If the U.S. Congress delays putting the Pup back under the porch past September, "Let's Roll", (Out the tumbrels), in honour of not only 9/11, but also the "Collateral" millions of innocent civilians slaughtered for the convenience of "U.S. interests"+Humvee enthusiasts everywhere.

Happy Labour Day Earthlings!