Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Canada's Harper "Shines" at U.N.

The times terrifying, the news ghastly,the prospects dim, so we paid close attention to our Leader's comments at the U.N. this week.

The National Post and other 'neo-kits' say that "Harper shines at U.N."

Similar to the meso-american neo-cons, neo-kits are 1/10th the size and have proportionate brains the size of BB's.
Like their distant Austral island cousins they are righteously vicious little buggers.
They are often confused with the sleek moist kit (custard canadiensis), or petite beaver of which many Canucks approve.
One hears "Boy, I could sure do with a little beaver" from time to time and some go as far as caressing them like, ah, young felines.

Now back to Steve's shining which immediately invokes musical memories:

1/ The old Johnny Mercer standard "Pardon me Roy, is that the cat that chewed Yr. new shoes."

At last, a photo op without the shooting vest or the exterminator's jacket

2/ Tchaikovsky, #6 in B minor, Pathetique

Speaking to the sort of fallacies with which our leader loves to lard his sad little notions.

Meanwhile the Baird is our Steward, we shall not melt. Natch.

A Curious Reader from the Arctic writes:

Every night now, I put my upper plate under my pillow and in the morning there is no dough!

What's up with that, did the Tooth Fairy retire to Costa Lotta?

Alas the TF has, indeed, flossed off to the tropics with some Dark Roast Coffee Beans who aver that they can be made instantly but prefer that old regular grind.

"Shut up+eat Yr. snowshoes."