Thursday, September 13, 2007

"We're Kicking Ass in Iraq"

In an earlier discussion of Run-a-round Sooey's assertion that "We're kicking ass" in Anbar, we dismissed it as standard bushwa by Bab's bellicose little bumpkin.

Mais zut alors, au contraire mes amis, ass was indeed being kicked in Iraq.

Extra, extra, read all about it:
"Bush Tells Truth",mais, malheureusement,en fin, pas de la vrai completement.

BTW, Purple Press, the steamy new imprimature of the Carlysle Group's publishing division announces a new Scooter/Lynn C. title:
"Mission, The True Story of O".
Critics who've seen leaked copies say "Its even hotter than Foley's e-males" and "...a real page turner".

As with everything said by any of these, as yet un-indicted co-conspiritors, one must parse each jot+tittle to the Nth degree.

"Clearly" as Snow (job/ball) constantly admonishes the WH press posse, contexual nuance is paramount in devining true meaning among the entrails of the chicken (Hawk, Cowards).

Turns out the ass belongs to....steady in the ranks...General David Petreaus! and the kicker...wait for it...was his boss, CentCom Chief Admiral Fallon who, evidently, regards Dave's tactics+ strategy as partisan political piffle.

Fallon on Petreaus, "He's an ass-kissing little chickenshit".
G2 on OBL, "I'm going to fuck 'em in the ass".
Fallon is the kicker, Petreaus is the kisser and Shrub is the...what's left here?

Strange, isn't it, that anyone might conclude the GOP (Gory Odious Pubics) consists largely of jejunely fixated poseurs.

Just the sort of useful leadership required as we face the cascading catastrophes of the new millenium; remember when Y2K was our biggest concern?
So let's get back to the venue of all this kicking, kissing etc.

In that Fearless the Decider long ago ceded all his Constitutional duties as CinC to "The Generals on the ground" excepting dressup photo ops, one wonders if some of the troops, ex-Specialist Pat Tillman for example, might have been less sanguine in their view of the erstwhile Guardist's mission in Mesopotamia, post Afghan+pre Persia.

The "Problem" with the Iraqis is their silly reluctance to pass THE OIL BILL thus consumating the wet dreams of Lush and the Boyz+Condi to control the flow and skim 70% of the booty over the next 30 years.

Their entire agenda is rendering "Quaint" any law, government, one or thing as any impediment to The Bidne$$ by Neato trick, this is the beauty part, No-Bids-ne$$! These guys know their oil- from their Or- well, well.

Their method is highly energetic and, by the way, "Don't mess with Texas" and don't delay redistricting while you're at it.

Next time you're having a nice long soak, remember that 'Chopper' Norquist has NO sense of humour, whatsoever, and he' (s) mean (s) it.

Disclosure: Not to be confused with the marketing group vending shoddy gear, stiched in shanties by enslaved children in far away lands, like the admirable Fallon we really are "Old Navy," and note his well cut jib.

Fallon's salty wisdom give us some faint hope that the CHC's third hap/hopeless front, so cherished by "Defer me 5x, shame on you", Cheney may be averted.

Only tattered remnants of the U.S. Army, Marines, Guard and Reserve remain, after 5+ years of Keystone Kopping in Kabbala.

Unlike the poor brave Iraqis, throwing rocks at Blackhawks, Iran has a first class (viz. kick ass) Air Force and plenty of modern misslery pointed directly at Fallon's Navy in the Gulf Region.

And, (Pay some slight attention here, it's a good clue) about a quarter 25% of the U.S. of A.'s daily oil delivery, transiting Hormuz, every day.

This passage is less than 6K wide and very shallow, and the (goddamn, shitflame, slambam, Yeehaw) oil, is in Like, Boats you would not Believe! Ripley.

Remember the first time you Saw the the Lucas "Empire's" Dreadnought?

ULCC's, haulin' Two Million bbls each, how big? how "Sea Friendly?" picture the Hindenburg in a Class 5+, dire straits indeed.

Just one sunk and the tap's off, how will rich white folks get the gas to run the two-cycles to have their "Temporary Help" blow autumn leaves at each other?

"Jose, can you see, by the dawn's early light?"

Notwithstanding the "Defence" budget, now breaking the Trillion $ mark, plus another Trillion, or so, Jack-Stay Transferred, late at night, far at sea, between+among the CorpMilPol (Slealth) Corporations many vessels.

For sure, they Love to be Offshore so they fly, for reasons obviously and clearly, knot patriotic, under Flags of Convenience.

See Tony, that's what those adverbs are really meant to do, they're not synonomous with obscuranto and 'knock off' visine.

All you History Buffalos, Top Ten U.S War "Victories" 20th+21st centuries?

Show Yr. work, and defend Yr. positions, Lock+Load.

Excepting Reagan's triumph in Grenada and Bush One's spectacular use of the potent power of the "Pina Colada" song etc. to force Manuel to vamanos the casa, (Torture has always been as 'American' as apple pie), the pickin' are slim.

The U.S Military has always been most useful in advancing corporate interests, (USS Sand Peebles) but whenever the local response was say, robust, (Yalu river+ Vietnam+ Iraq) most objective observers are in no doubt over whose ass was kicked, excepting nuclear attacks on civilians.

Imagine, what might it be like if we all quit kicking ass and instead, Talked Things Over.

"Talk, talk, talk is better than War, war, war."

Would it kill ya?


For Theodoric of York as, no surprise here, Bush's pick to fill Gonzo's huaraches at DOJ.