Friday, September 7, 2007

Flags of convenience

Stevie, our current P.M. (Prime Muddler), opines on the recent security breach in Sydney: "Its a matter for local law enforcement" keeping his record of being not even wrong, intact.

Among the many pressing issues at APEC, he's big on product saftey, emulating Lou "Let's leap to conclusions" Dobbs in conflating trivial product issues with racial bigotry while ignoring the essence of democracy, our right to dissent.

The cheeky skit by an Aussie tv show, effortlessly gliding thru $250,000,000 of security to within McVeigh distance of the Yellow Rose's suite, was based in large part on the happy premise, widely held, that Canadians are not terrorists.

Given the longstanding predilection of citizens in the land of the Handgun to avoid richly earned, worldwide, opprobium by affecting Canadian Colours when they venture beyond the friendly confines, he might have offered some Maple leaf lapel pins to GWB+ his posse in exchange for what's left of our child in Gitmo.

As to the merry pranksters, they should add a warning to U.S citizens; don't try this at home folks; neo-cons ain't squeamish about gunning down children in the streets.

BTW, catastrophic climate change?,"That was the Liberal's fault".
For some of us in Canuckistan, 16 Oct '07 can't come soon enough; let's get this show on the road.