Wednesday, September 19, 2007

"Hinterland? Who Knew? F.U." Baird

Amongst Canadians who are over fifty and still boldly, if briefly, go beyond their thermostatically controlled cocoons, the the great CWS ads of yesteryear conjure times long passed before the housing crunch hit major mammals, except us.

Today we discover that our enviro- Chief, John Baird, an honourary Athabaskan ("Greasy Waters,") has been forced to disband the CWS.

Applying the CWS budget to the "Ionic Swiffer Vacuum Clean Air Initiation" due to kick in circa 2050, the Minister allowed " We could buy a decent used Leopard tank (sans A/C) for that kind of dough," adding "We're still workin' the details, so you'll have to bear without us."

In a strange, yet eeriely, similar synchronicity, rascally rustlers corralled every last Moose (In T.O.?), to the dismay of patio naturalists, up+ downtown.

Don't touch that dial.