Thursday, November 29, 2007

ideas: can u kyoto? oh no, not yet! soon, we'll see, maybe?

The profound, abiding impediment,
To changing our constant bellicosity,
Is the, "God" given+holy endorsed,
Fundamentally, basic,
Ancient fable of (designated) anthro-primacy.

Rooted in, widely celebrated+eagerly parsed
Quran+Bible, by Old+Neo- Conservatorys of
Judeo-Christian+Islamic Tradition.
L'Chaim-Amen Lord-Insh'Allah.

(Brief) Fiatly, some infinite, (un-knowable)
"That than which none greater can be thought"?
St. Anselm's famous 'ontological' proof!
You, place, the, commas,,, sher, (it'sa) lock?

Super-natural agent, designed us and
Everything, (universally) granting some,
Limited working conditions, + overall
Semi-sovereignity, over everything.


Than the, "Chosen Few" Who,
Beauty Part? Quel Coinqu'-a-Dinck!
As it happens, are always+exclu$ively
"Them!" (never us)

Their extraordinary privet-ledges accrue
To (some of) them, in return for (pretty) strict,
Proscribed obeisance, worship, dietary laws etc.
In return for domains, dominion+(gloria)dominus,
Sex, drugs + what (for) ever. (something)

Ipso facto, us Earthlings are loco, (apparently)
Here, there, everywhere.

Also asserted is this agency's abiding concern+oft timely
Intervention, in reviewing (attendent) contractual
Niceties, (episodically) revising terms+conditions,
Usually via, ( soi-disant) interlocutors,+sometimes,

Wholesale, holus bolus,
Great Plagues of Frogs, Floods, Locusts etc.!

This vain, speceial conceit holds great appeal
Among (the most) recently, upright
Version of "Higher" vertabrates, particularly,

Jews+Christians+Muslims, too many of whom
Deign to practise their faith in the absence
Of the Prime Directive, so sayeth
Jehovah+Prophet+The Son+Many Alia.

"Do unto Others" Period.

"Do it, routinely, to everyone, everytime, 'cause
"It is Yr. Honour, Priveledge+ Sacred Duty."
According to ALL teachings.

Ya never know, last may be first,
All may be Vanity.

The Torah-Bible-Quran is an amalgam of
Ancient Myths, Legends+(some) History.
Weilded by jingo lingo+stone, lash, sword,
Chain, noose, gun+bomb by

W/ no New Testament, no modernity,
Fearfull, Hatefull, Frightened,
Wrong about Right(s)+Righteousness.

Never mind Diogenes, pay (close) attention
To "Gulliver," (ya yahoos)
" W/War, no one Houynymns."
Pass us an h.b. egg, Frau B., not that end,

"May Peace Be Upon.." Who Em, +When?

Historically, We all rest our (sorry) butts
On (our) clever technology as (conclusive) evidence,
Of a priori, "Primaturcy R US."

Much Mischief' lows from this
Fabulous mythic premise.

The Missing Middle?
The Curious Con-clusions?
This transparant tissue of silly syllogism,
Is the Rock,
Jerusalem, Mecca, Peter, Medina, Ages etc.,
Of that portion, of humanity,
Who can afford, to wear a watch. ( at this time)

All of it, apriori+pathetique,
Du U fallacy?

Meanwhile, back in the Biosphere.

"Commercial" energy usta come from us and small fires,
Then burdened beasts, the (local) old mill stream,
Then solid+liquid fossils, portable, convenient.

Lately, sadly it's evident that the (persistant) "Smoke"
From these fossil fires, much magnified,
In both kind+degree, causes long term
Pertubations in the Biosphere, some of which are
Becoming manifest, + even amongst smart cookies,
Their relative convenience/utility is some quarrel.

Meanwhile, outside our friendly confines,

Those (raining) frogs have managed (+/-) 250 M. years,
Without the help of intra-thermal facility, meters, or
Watches until now, so how?

Well, (not oil) they+(all) other life, (ever)
Elegantly, Balance, Passive,
Solar+geothermal energy, in vivo,
Where-ever! NoBat!
Sina, sans, none, no gadgittry!

They're also excellent at large choruses!

Makes Ya wonder, a (rib) bit, eh?

November ends, mild+rainy, solstice soon.
Strange Weather, pregnantly calm.
Glass falling, the sets getting Bigger.
Sun starting,
Back North, soon.

Those, "Arctic trails have their secret tales.."
Right, Sam?
Rubbit, ehya.

Drip, drip, drip...