Monday, November 19, 2007

"Sipi Ayisinowak Nikik {} Michif, Oohoo Awaz, Pipon Meta-Wik-Ke-Si-Kak!"

(River people otter {Metis Mischief} Michif
(Owls, Winterfest!)

Aborn amidst, (yet) another War,
On the banks of the
Mihkmaw, Roozh, Rouge!

Flowing North, ( Arctic 'Shed,
(Prairie+Shield) to The Bay,
From this Valley,
(Don't hasten, Darlin',
(To bid us adieu!)

Amongst settlements+entitlements,
That, wha'-tah-hoot-mon, pipi-wipi-nipi-sipi,
Came to be, pres-quah, Les

Ou, ditz dez Hiboos, qui creusez,
Comme laz' mores/modes/moods du temps,

(Plenty fish Ago, Rawh!
(P.Pipe/ PowWow Place!
(Grand Gruau,
(A la Carte des boeufs, Blanche,
(Potage des Pois, Portage,
(Herbes Partout!
(Richard's sons' Reach,
(Grand Trunk Funk,
(Blu-ski-bella Babooshkas,
(Ceilidh Centre,
(Baldar's Gimlit,
(Rendezvous Douces,
(Chez nous, on Natives' Land,
(Riel Estate!
(Festivale File Gumbo,
(Fais Dodo, 'vec Zydeco,
(Boif Rhum-ah-Hon-nah!
(Fancy Fiddlin', t'amata Sameday,
(Manga Brocha!
(La-la-lay-la, haya,

(Erin, go Bragh, (less)
(Nipiwinni sipiwa, (perky)
(Pemmican (jerky)
(Skinny (dipzy)
(Hiya haya (allright!)

Naming game, same again,
Gaming names, plainly gains,

Of the Assiniboine?

(viz. Viz-compt Gort,
(Later VC, 'otel, 'ostil-ah-bang'em,
(Oopsy, [comma cheni] pas nariyanl,
('Oz-pitalites, tous-jou's, tra' dang-err-mooses,
(Gran' Pont, maintenant, tant piz.)

Some petty, (paz autres) big Cricks, etc,
En Seine,
Fais dough dough, ble heya,

For some, (of us) beginners,
Was a place of wonder, to start,

Le zew, la zoray, la boush ekwa ta tet.

So the taste, touch+feel, scent,
Sound, look, Ghost(s)+Spirit,
Siren Call, of the River, was with us,
Late+soon, then+now.

Always current, w/ancient reves,
Ever there, doux et bas,
Sous, Sioux, Prairie Airs.

Visions du vente, avec les freres Tomson, +
Las Reines de la Neiges,
Avant, les wayes en haut,
Mo'-betta-can-noodlh ici!

Soon Far-mo-loo-parlays,
Hebert's chansons a la Binks!
"W.O." was us, aussi Gabrielle,
Bon heureusement.

Proximate, (putative) roots?

Two dour, Scots G.P.'s, ex-Edin burrowers,
One, demi-Parisien Leprechan, +
Nana, from upstream,
Metis, Minnedosa (wawatay) way.

For a first gran' kosisan,
Nohkum, sure had Her ways,
Called us birds! Cahcahkayoos!

3rd Grade, Windsor Pub. when,
1st Flood! Wow!

Burlap bales, stronger spoored, than those
Brown (souvenier's of serv-ice/-ival) blankets,

Vet (wet) Dads (still) venerated, in old luggage,
Gunny Sacks, w/ coded, overlapping stencils,

Addressed to many, lively Theatres,
DNT movies, etranger than fiction.

Improbably huge, banks of sand,
In drive-ways, (jeep duks!)

By hand, 'til we dropped exhausted, ate
Napped+ ate, (ne plus ultra) sandywiches,
Gulped, gullets, cropz, Cahcahkayoos!
Nanabush wiininwa, (Nana-mannah )

Do it again, over+over, forever,
Sheltering in StockYards,

'Til, a Neighbour's pump shorted,
Drowned, the dikes broke, +
We, (children+women) left, our homes,
Full of the River's wawatay.

It was some messy, when we came back,
Looked around, under a June Moon '50.
Took ah-lots-ah-work, to fix-up small victorys.

That was quite a Christmas+New Years,
Serious, serial soirees, good cheer,
Some gentle rest, moonlit skating,
Mostly, merry-men, rye-bye-snooz.

The Crescent, alight for The Season,
All along the Row, buses full,
Of amazed delight. We waved back,
Frosty clean, squeaky snow.

This "Winter," if you see Aurora,
Arret eh, ferm ta bec, fais ta zoray,

Kiwitinohk Ice,
Canadling, Tinkling, Trickling!

All the (live-long) day, +some nights!
November, remember,

"Drip, drip, drip.... "

"All Aboard/Ashore, what's goin'" eh?

Mahki-tawa-kew wapush, tananahehta kwayes kici!
(Some rabbits, w/ big (h)ears, 'ear swell,
(Petites choses.)

Tanci keta?
(Eh, Whut'zz-up, Doc?)

Tano-we to-tsimile?

"Sous" beaucoup des ponts en flimsy,
"L'on y dance, l'on y dance..tous en rond."

"Somewhere norda S. Dakota, lived a young'un,
"On roche raccoo-oo-n!"

Aux autres choses, aux sis' rivieres, a bientot.