Thursday, November 1, 2007

"Chicken-Hearted Hawkish Cowards Don't do Debate."

Do they Dubya! Butt,
Thar's many a "Wormtongue," grimma than U think,
Delighted to dissemble,
For an "Un-Reasonable" fee.

They ALL preach the SAME SERMON.

The absolute essence of wistful, wing-nuttery is,

"Iffen Y'all cain't unnerstan' it,
"Kill'er, 'afore hit kilt U."

Which may, at times, be marginally useful,

Unless Yr. breadth+depth of unnerstandin', is

Like KKKristol Bill, Snit Fume, Hush Bimbo,
Sucker TarryTown, Ayny C. etc.

Local Fav, Michael Coren, pretends to London foggery
But he's really more Rhodesian RidgeBack.

Yr. teeny, weeny, mostly meany minds,
+Yr. Canna quite, "Get" the

"Daily/Repor' Repartee."

Smooth Slander, for hire,
Oblivious to Wit+Worth, befuddled by Reality,

Righteous Truthiness vs Da River in Egypt!

Seems Da Boyz, Jon+Stephen, invite Debate.

Not these TV, American Idyll Gabfests,
Among da Contenders. Real Debate.

About Reality, War+Peace, Survival?

So "Calling all Pundits,

"Bring IT (Whatever you can mustard) ON."
(can U keep Yr. piece-o'-cod, unbattered)

Anytime or place, Yr. Frum Canuckistan,

Right David?

Words, at ten paces, and the Crowd gets to
Tazzz!@#$%er, the loser, to their

Happy, Heart's Content. Sweeps Week!

That Colbert Kid, he's got some grit.

Whaddaya, Whaddaya?