Friday, November 28, 2008

"Time to get a haircut"

Wee Gimme, refreshed from a summer of BBQ fund raisers, amplified Harpoon's savvy fiscal advice as the markets tumbled, (Wow, bargoons!) moments ago by advising Canucks that job #1 is getting a "...haircut." sic(k).
It's comforting to to have this level of macro-economic expertise running the show in these troubled times.
In other news, now that the Arctic is almost ice-free, as the Oceans from fish, I'd like to get a mullet but my stylist says the seals ate them all.
How fast can we retool the auto sector to produce timbrels?
God knows we've got skilled labour and vacant capacity, particularly in Oshawa/Whiby.
But that would take guts, the kind we remembered on the 11th.
"At seven pm the main hatchway caved in; He said, [Fellas its been good to know you.]"
Happy Hols, fellow helots.