Friday, November 9, 2007

"Football, Eh?"

During yet another War, 1812, some soldiers,
From Rugby, in the Canadian Colonies,
Brought with them, the Game.
As usual, McGill had to teach Haarvaard.

From circa mid 1800s 'til around 1970,
It was terrific.

Only surviving iteration, CIAU!

No Imports! Only Canucks in CFL.
Like Bombers, in trust to the Community,
Not some bozo's bottom line.

+The Maritime Schooners, home games in
Newfy John, Slackers, Pettimuddiac,
+SummerSide, during lobster-fest.

Real Football, Canadian Football:

Big Pitch, akin to Soccer, wide, long.
3 for 10.
If we put it in Yr. end-zone,
You get it out or Yr. rouged!

Take a knee, is a Yankee thang.
None of this "Fairy Catching" shite.
Recievers get room to catch.
We prefer Yr. undivided, when we hit Ya.
Saves time, for the Game.

Then, we all played both ways,
Before it became passe, then,
Strangely popular again:)

Jus' kiddin' Folks,
Remember when a pat on Yr. ass,
Was encouraging?

When November was Winter, we walked
Up Osborne delighted to see
Jack Jacobs>Tom Casey! TD=5 points.

The Cheerleaders, weren't at all like,

"Be a Yalie, Where's my Beanie, Bar'ma?"

Our's had, tres intriguing, sustantive issues,
Above the waist.

So what's the Vegas Line, for this Sunday,
On the See Alice Seahawks vs the Head-On Hooters,
At the Trojan Con Dome, expect drizzle?

"Keep Yr. shirts on Gurlz!"

Watch+Wait for:
The fog of remembrance on Veteran's Day U.S.A,
"We always honor+support our Troops!"
At the Next NFL Tillman Tribute, Hooha.

Why would anyone, except Sore Cozy,
Pick up Bush, long since on waivers?

Well, he does have that expansive, expensive,
Ex-Connecti-Con, ipso facto,
Presto chango, Cowboy stance.
Down, Set, Yup!

Go Gryphons! Munch 'Stangs.

Stangs full value in great comeback over
Game Gryph's get chilled in Churchill.

Rouge et Or prances in to Slackers,
Huskies block, tackle, pass, run away.

The Championship of Canadian University
Football. The Vanier Cup, disappears into
Hogtown Media, enthralled with the spread
On the Clemson Cock-a-toos! Bills+Coos, ooH!

Wiki Canadian Governers' General,
Neither Vanier, nor Stanley, nor Clarkson,
Cups deserve this fetish w/Yanqui Crap,
"Fer da Boyz, Bubba!"

So Bisons win and now the Story is that
They're all late cuts from the East Tennessee,
Out-Door Arena league who, late in years,
Took up studying Merton+Loyola at
St. John's by the Roozh River?

Please advise?