Friday, November 16, 2007

"Steele Yr.self Sam, not all rumours are Un-grounded"

In the wake of of of ouf, yet another,
By the neo-borderless D'Iddylls,

Usta be, "Mounties" now neither
Regal, nor (much) Canadian,
Major directions, coming from Yanks,
Via Harpoon's Alliances,

Steverino didn't start this Shite,
He just rolls us, with/in it.

23 June 1985.

Air India 182,
329 blown up! 280 Canadians!
By terrorists, using planes!
(Hong Kong+Ireland) via VCR>YYZ>!

28! $$#!%^&*$$$ Years Ago! + Nada!

The RCMP knew ALL about it,
Having fought so valiantly, so long,
Protecting their (phat) ass-ettes,
From Sikhishness.

"Sikh? Hindu? Asian? Injun?
"All the same, 'Others.'
"See Sis, not really our kind of Folks,
"So, no biggy."

(All CanAbNat readers are now excused,
(Nothing here, is news to you.)

Our erst, Fabled Force, now mountabanks,
Just-ass, a lawless gaggle, hangin' inside,
At airports, shuckin', jivin'
ZZZap, Yr. ded.

Fussy aboot dressage, breekin' freaky,
Scarlet, over secret codes, covert readers,
Under covers, (always non-text) Y'all.
Racepy, pro-filers,

Expediantly, assigning rookie pawns,
North, beyond their ken,

Lying, Theiving, Murdering, (+ routine)
Dissonantly, un-musical LawLessness.

(HRH Q11, un-amused,
(Parmi plusiers des autres)

Our, "OK, nein?" (p)Leader?
GRRRuff+Ready toujours.

Our, "Ace-in-Hole?"
Rt.-on, Maxi-mummy Ministre,
Manifuquo, a la droit, (comme l'habitude)
"Pubic protection, Jocko!"

"I'm on (it) 'er, Harp,
"Ah, whut's next?"

Duh Wet_Jet, wHoly-owned stubby,
(CanCo, of BushCo) w/ mucho, pats pending,
Weighed in (all wet) suitably, again Today.

"...Ah, hit's all, 'pat. pending'..we've asked.."

(Arar, Khadr, Khandahar, Khan-nabis,
(Kontrol, our soft woodys, e.g.)

"..Certainly musta... shocked(sic)!!.. his Mom.."?

(Heh, heh, heh...whut? don'tcha getit?
(Zingers, fo'-to-da punk!)

Standard Stock, "Torque, Yo Mada!"
Greatest Snits, Stocking Stuffers,
"Keep Yr. visa handy."

"We, ah, er, um, sure, soon, Safteyness?
"Absolutely! R US!"

Not quite the dreamy, 'sugar-plumbing*'
Nous Canucks gais/jolis, invisioned
Pour les babes, soon festive, season-wize.

"See, Ah'm agin a' bhads,
"Sum'at, pesky mav'ricks need, ah
"Brandin' proddin' ropin',... "
"Here, da noose, Sunshine!
"S'Hits Saddam, shame!"

Yr.> Ass, podner.

Expect moore, in-clementcy, weather-wize.

Wiki Sam Steele, neo-nits,
Connect what dots Ye may.

We double-dog dare Ya!

In Sam's way/day, stockings+stalkings
Were placed properly, probatively useful,
Patterned, routinely, on the laws,
Canadien, Eh?

"Maintiens le Droit,"
Makes a body, apprehensive.

"On King, on you Huskies!"

*Goldberry sez, "Ems, not Bees, Hon."
Licks thumb, lubriciously,
Cracks wize, mood indigo,
"Let's Wendigo."

Skeins of geese, arrow under the Moon.

UPDATE: 18 Nov 07
Today's Tor Star queries, on-line, whether,
Or not, a (Muslim) airport employee,
Can be forced to shorten her skirts!

54% say absolutely?

Perhaps, 200 lashes might,
"Gitt'er, Boyz!"
To, "Re-Thunk," our cherished values,

Will these fashion fascistas, be as sanguine,
When, ipso facto, comes their
Turn in the barrel? On voirent.

Not much, Canada, anymore, Eh?
Second place, in the Bush Leagues.
Qui moi? Profondement honteux, et toi?