Sunday, November 18, 2007

"Strike Three, He's out, Game over, Wrong Vector, No Vict-ors, + Beaucoup des Vict-ems."


Whither Iraq?
When's, Iran,
What Condi meant?
Playing catch up?
How, far foul, is
The Latest "News"?
Play Ball!

"Ju's can't lay off the high, hard ones
"Can yuh, Mule?" Dolly to Sis Kit.
(Best BB in any movie, many Star turns)

We are now told, by 'reliable sources'
Albeit, same damn fuck-wits, who deigned to deem
Against "Otherness" there, not here!"
A responsible, sane, serious, oppo.

2003, Everthing's melting, need moor oil.
Potemkin pumpin', pimpin', profit$.

"Yeehaw HooHa"

Rapturous celebatters of "Righteous-Rightness"


Most of 'em, avoiders, many of 'em evaders,
Some of 'em, fraudulent, All of 'em, CHC's,

"No objections, jus' not me, nigg'err."

"Y U jive us, diss way, l'il bro?"

"Yo no' hep, Fo',
"Yo' need dat haitch, whitey?

"It'z aah, like see-gah, shug-gah,
"Yo mom-mah, U digg-ah?"

"I'm on the Indef. D.L." (Dude, Later)
"Arch issues, ass acne.

One of 'em, a beanie-boy, who ju's cain't
Git enoug' a' thut mech-a-nickal bull,
Tx Style, Connecticut connexions.

Jumped the queue, blew mucho,
TaxPayer $$$,
Fuckin' 'round w/ Texas teasers,
Sunrises, "TG, Trainin'"

More like, "Titless Wonders" as
Front Line, "ACK-ACK-SHON" (no videos)
Veterans will swear,
On many a Mother's broken heart.

Fearless, mean-wiles,
Doin' the odd line, sinkin' mucho boats,
Chasin' bass, bookin' courts...

A Yellow Rose, mindful of the "al-lah mode"
"Moolah! Boola, Pascagoula!"

Then, along the trail moseyed,
"One've 'em, ah, 'lection bi-cycles"
"Sweet home, Alabam'!"
Ever since then, well......!

Swell, he became big, first in oil,
(Qaida fucktit up, no worrys Mite)
"Harken, is that bail, fer moi?"
"Disclose? Diss Sucks, later Dude."

Swell, also in Jr. Looping,
"..Been berry, berry good to me, Hain,"
In Texas, "Hosay, can U see?"
As an arranger Ranger, see?

Then Rover, (not Barney) made him read
A picture book, (like Daddy's diary)
"Horton harms a Whitey, Willie!"

Gets a "Re-bapt-a-re-a'gin" vision!
"Hey, Bebop-a-rebop's some Rube, heh Barb?"
At(da)Water, Quel Miracle!

(Graham's l'il cracker Jackie, changes name,
(Joshua, better metrics, mkt. share)

Meets many other's of his ilk, say
They have been promised something,
Like Land, all inscribed,
In circ., many sizes, hot to trot.

Then, yadda, yadda, yadda, chad,
"'Mur'can justice" yadda,
9/11 OOPS!
No more justice, "'Mur'can or enathung,"
Yadda, yadda, yadda etc.

"Come, Mr. Taliban, de-liver us Sin Laydin,
"Daylight come, so we gotta Iraq."

"Saddam (Shame) Stocks NUKES!!"
"Merry New Year!
"Shop, ya bastards!"

Who's, on the mound, (not first)
A'pitchin' to Fearless, fer the I-NUKES!
That foin day in Muddville, Chilluns?

+Who's (born again)..a'huggin' Turd?
"I don't know," Bub, bud it'll cost us,
"I'll tell ya, Lou."

"Al-Seams" the artful twirler, a late cut
From the Damascus Diasporas,
Comes to the Beacon, with serious stuff.

An "Aye-rabi" street hustler,


Cunningly encoded as "CurveBall"

Da alligators are alledgy, evidently he
Showed Georgie Porgie,
The ol' Changeroo,
As Satch usta say.

"There it is then, clearly, surging otta..?
"Well then, lets do Iran, anybody,
"Got a map? "

What's sinister aboot overtaking
Nederlanders, enaways?