Monday, November 12, 2007

"Flag Protocols, 11/11/11, 2007."

The "McDonald/Cartier Highway," between Windsor,
+La Chateau, P.Q., long knicked, to da (G.D.) 401,
According to some, needs further "Re-Branding" as
"The Freedom Highway of Honour."

This, they say, is the
"Least, that we can do, to
"Support our brave, (dead) Troops."

To advance this notion, they bring children,
On overpasses, to learn to wave flags,
At cortages, bearing coffins,
En passant, au-dessous d'eux.

Hearse parties. Hoohuh?

Although flags may be dipped,draped,
Saluted and honoured,
In Remembrance.

Casual, personal, ceremonial,
Waving them AT coffins is
NO (repeat) NOT:
Part of the Canadian Canon,
Ever, never, Folks.

Poppies, not slogans, ribbons or flags,
Weeping+Thinking, are the Dress-of-the-Day.

Flags are sometimes waved, in celebration,

At the Enemy.

So, Jingobells, Jingobell, jingo, all the way.

Spontaneous? You betcha?
"Jus' wing-it, Right?"

"Our way, or/and/on, the highway!"

Stand fasct, in the ranks.

The World's Smartest, Senior, Successful, Politico,
QE11, Having dealt w/ many a moron, in her time,
Seems singularily un-amused by the bumbling antics
Of both, Fearless + Harpoon.
Top Gal! Long may She Regina.