Tuesday, November 13, 2007

"Tigers Gone. Loons Ponder "Yonder."

Not that we loved him less but,
Alf, Lord more, Blake sure got
Our undivided, long ago, with,

"Tiger, tiger, burning bright,
"In the forests of the night,
"What immortal hand or eye
"Could frame thy fearful symmetry?"

Having considered gist, grist,
+Pyth of this indelible image,

"4 half, ooh (fiddy)
"Ah, Cent. U see,
"Don'tcha flash, inna hood,
"Else Yr. duh-ded-T."

"Let's (sure) render,
"De Las' Tiger, an'
"Beijing Bling Bling,
"Da Panda 2."

"Lamb-baste da Leaders,
"Wit' da extr'acte,
"In a lifeboat,
"Easy as Pi."

A balm, in Olympiad.

"Tiger Bomb+!" Tm.

Can. Beijingo, be poplar, buy gum,
Heal the afflicted,
Like a Tianamin boot?

"See Alice," sez, Great Grey Elder,
"Many a pretentious prick,
"Pouts pendulously."


Jus' WTF, "The World, needs..?"
Eh, Byes?

Flaccid, phoney, fantastic,
Phallusys, for Fraidy cats.

Nouvelles chez nous?

This warmish Autumn,
All open water,
Loons late leaving,

Eldest campers,
On Lake Totem, 'Em,
Before Henry got lost w/James,

Before yore mammals,
Ur Loons.

The Ambient, sina qua non,
Reflective voice
Of the Boreal, Taiga, Arctic

Why, those, 'Injuns? Chippewas? Ojibwas?'
Anishnabi say a Loon started, everything?
Whatta they.....(k)No? Sure, maybe a bit of
Locale knowledge? As if!

Weary of wet-jets,
Flocking off, up North,
Limnber sticklers, Loons.
Close attenders of habitat.

Mid November, No ice, whatsoever,
Pelee Island>Boothia.

Some nonsense, about Peace+Quiet,
For the wee loonlets,
Where water's less greasy +
Sky's not smoggy, all day.

Oh Well, only hung around,
For what, ah... (circa 45 million)
Whadda they, No!
As if?

Still, some (enchanted) evenings,
Won't be, quite, the same.

What most still don't grasp, about
This warming, shrinking habitat,
Is quite a lot.

Most are un-wittingly, Un-persuaded,
Buy/Bought/Bot, pseudo-cat rats.

Who are, (un) just (ly) ass-id-u-ously
Up-grading, their Duh-Luxxx
"Pleasure-Crafts" (viz. life-boats)
With clever-fictitious con-flations, +
Yr. dough, John/Jane.

Sadly blinded, by the smog
Which obscures distant signs,
Smoke signals, from brightly,
Burning Tigers.

Buy, buy, fur now, Folks.