Monday, November 12, 2007

"Tush, Kiddie Diddler."

In Honour of Veteran's Day,
Tush, the Scary Pimp-a-null,
Star of the Egregiously Ignorant Bigots,
Tipped by a ditto re: a Gr.4 teacher's,
Pre 11/11/11,
In-class discussion of All Vets,
Including those Vets who 'object' to War,
Rushed in, to diddle the kiddies, again.

Again, Lying, again, about every aspect,
Of (again) a non "Story," again, this AM,
Lush's crowing, again, about his success,
Fucking the children,

What gushes, from da Tush,
Is just desserts, for dittos.

Butt, haven't we a general concensus, +
Much settled LAW, in re:
Repetitive, Vicarious, Viscious,
Fucking, of Children, (for profit)?

Come North for the fishing, Mush,
Bring pesty Tom, don't delay,
Bring Dead-eye Dick, bring Shrub,
Rub-a-dub, eh!

Re-apportioning, v. big in this district.
We have some rusty cans, +
Foxes, aplenty.

Many interesting off-sites, dark trails,
Cubanos, Yanqui script, at par.
American plans, nice rooms,
Great boarding,
Delighted to show you the ropes.