Sunday, November 11, 2007

"Appallogetica" Sunrise Observances.

Offering, 1000:1 Odds, on any amount,
You care to wager.

Today, 11/11/11, truly a Day of Remembrance,
Between bike rides and fund raisers, Himself,
Will hector+harken to the Flock,
9/11, ad nauseum.

There will be much ado, about what was,
In the Great Scheme of Things,

Evidently, a small, "Surgical Strike" using
"SoA" homemade, "IEDs" as flying, "Smart Bombs"
A "Precisely Targetted Opportunity,"
"From Saudi Arabia, you say?
"Well, Of all the places? Whoda thunk?"

That killed, astonishingly, few people,
(about 3000, some 3/4 of whom were Americans)
Considering the massive,

Mucho! Macho! "Property Damage" in the here-to-for,
"Center of 'American' (viz. World) Capitalism."

But NOT PrimeTime? Hey, whaddaya,

"Gotta go with the flights, light on passengers,
"Full on fuel."

That's the heart of the M.Atta, w/partying,
In Prague, w/Saddam, right Dick?
You+Rummy otta know, having sold him,
The Program+perquisites.

Briefly, those are, "Just the facts, Ma'am."
Right? RSVP any considered correction(s).

There are two (2) kinds of World Trade, Byes,

Milo Minderbinder, Eco. 101
US Corps + Agribi$$ w/ huge tax subsidies,
To grow/not grow stuff, in the wrong places.
Fucking w/Currentcy, Fraudulent accounting, +

"Yes, you betta not have no bananas, Chiquita,"

MADE + ENFORCED, by the U.S.A.
Creating desparate, desperation for
Everyone, "Other," or Else.

Of which, Himself, the Yellow Rose,
Knows, nor cares, nary a whit.

(0), nought, naught, nada, rien, none,
Save the pseudo-judocious,
Ex parte, use of knoughts etc.

B.Ah, Yale, (magna, cum bullshit, null+groans)
M.B.A. Haavaard! (yeah eh, well they're aplenty)

Today, when some still recall,
Sacrifice, sometimes Supreme,
For those, "Others"
Of whom, cowards now counsel us,
"Be afeared, tres afeared, U Flockers."

"Howevernotwithstanding+withoutpredjudice" Tm. RNC.

"We neither need, nor want Yr. input,
"Butt, ya never, (ah, no) so keep,
"Ah, Yr. duct-tape, ah, handy."

Incessant, Damn Lies,
By a real, live deserters,
In, soi-disant, "War Time"?
Fraudulent, preening, dress-up,
Treasonous, AWOL cowards, Motto?

"We can make this work for US, so fuck 'em?
"Right Dick? KKKarl?, Condi? Alberto? Rummy? Tush?
(Katherine, Karen, Harriet, Dana, et al. handmaidens)

"Yo, Ant'inny, let's re-abolster da bench?
"Heh, heh, heh."

The Gassy, Gilded Gelding,
Lip-synching Stallion Songs,
Makes a body, twitchy, yeah?

Sic transit Americana.

As the last of the WW11 Veterans dwindle,
So too does our collective
"Wisdom," of the nature, of War.

Today, on all fronts, War is "framed" as a small
Escalation of someone's 'Righteous' Rebukes,
By profiteering pissants.
Routine Bizz, w/lot$ of "Co$t Plu$e$!"

Factual, Actual Veterans, who dissent,
Called Craven? By kiddie-diddlers.

So as fascism, always stylish, to some,
Becomes the new apple-pie order, in America,

Wholly supported by a Canadian Prime Minister,
Bereft of any, save the meanest motives,

Our cares, sighs, toasts and tears:

To Dad, CALGARY TANKS, Africa, Sicily, Italy, ETO,

His elder brother Vic, RCE, KIA, Nijmegen,

Younger brother Jay, RCN, Atlantic+Pacific,

Uncle Hughie, WPG. GRENADIERS, Hong Kong,
POW 4 years, Changi,

Uncle Ed, RCR, D-Day Landings, Scheldt,

Aunt Bet+Uncle Jack RCNR,

Waiting Mothers, who kept the homefires,
Fearing telegrams, above all things,

Those Million+ Canadians, who have always served,
With Valour and Honour, overseas,

Tommy Prince, among our many, truly Braves,

ALL the Children, who are, merely, 'collateral'
To the Gunners and Bombers,

Our deepest apologies.

It seems, the only passed Torches, these days,
Kindle Crosses, Oil wells.

Plenty of poppies, blowin' Afghanistan.

Je me souviens.