Saturday, November 10, 2007

"Leapin' Loonies' are calling to, 'Yoooo boohoo who, oo oo oooh,' Nancy!"

Regarding the Lawless Shrub rampant,
"There ain't nothin' we can't F.Up, Yehaw!" +

Ol' 9% approval, (Hummers all of 'em)
WyoDick, (Jus' for the hallibutt)
"None of Yr. G.D. bidne$$, F.U.!"

We have Wars, foreign+domestic,
Coming, going, gone,
"For Peace+Stability, + "Tuh 'Mur'can Way,"

More coming soon,
Chez vous, mes petits chouchous.

Economy, the imminent collapse of,
"Consumer Confidance," in anything, everywhere.

"Time to SHOP! Folks,
"Fer the Hols, fer Jasus!
"Get the lead out, eh.
"Bring a visa.

"We'll look after currentcy conversion,
"In accounting, (in Bangaladesh)
"Fer Ya, (N/C, except some handling)
"How 'bout them Air Miles!"

If Nancy's stumble-bums don't suspend,
ANY further "Credit Plans" to YK Who,
Many a rice-bowl will be soon broken,

"Mo' bettah, it be the Round Eyes'."
Sez Warner Oland, to #1 Son.