Thursday, November 8, 2007

"Table Talk + Retrodacto"

Once upon a time, at a round (native) table, the news of a President's 'passing' was announced.

One of 'those' who are (still!) phillaryed+adjured to
"BE SEEN + Not heard," wondered,
"how Could THEY, TELL?"

Stuff, like this, drover to drink.

So we wikied Cool Cal, jus' to brush up, a bit.

Suddenly, in rhythm w/ John Lee+Van,
Zoom, the fonts, texts, were up+dancing.

Retro Erato, one of the Nymphs, like T.Belle 'cept,
(SoA, bitchin' SoftWare)
Needs shoulders, nuzzles nape,
"Come back to bed, you Fool!"

But the byte's in my teeth, +they're in the
"Over-night Solution?"
(Jar o' Malt, more's handy:)

"So whaddaya, sorry Uncle Albert?"

Licking clean, our resinous specs, Re-focus.

Everything on Wiki, that was cool,
Became vaguely blurred, almost bushy.

"But lot's has changed, since then, right?"

Well, before Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, NK+
"Other" axials of "Evil Doers" like,

Haiti, Liberia! Honduras, Niceragua, Panama, Bolivia,
Grenada! Columbia, Cuba, Grassy Narrows,

(Et al+al, ever+ever, Ah, men.)

Always Smaller Countries, un-convinced that,
"'Mur'can Interests" are ALL-WAYS, Trumps.

Same shit. Since a Ponce began to profess,
Da Fe(th), here-a-boots.


Towards the pre-detente denoument of
Ye G. Ol' U.S.A,'s last, rilly/way, Long "In-Country"

(Didn't dittos usta LOVE [Al] Nobel? Dyn-o-mite?)

When, The Hammerin' Hanky, Kiss-o'-dearth,
(All Risk, no Clue, in Office, on knees, w/Dick.)
Sanctions + surges w/ mucho bombos,
Billets douces for his Eastern pal, Yu Duc Thieu,
Needed most of a YEAR,

To reckon the exact, design, shape, size, colour,
Height, breadth, width,

(Whose points, are to be distributed where,
En Suisse? In the no-bids + residuals?)

Of a table, in France, dien bien tru, fou,

"'Afore time, came to chit-chat, about Peace."

"It ain't da Meet, it's Low-cution.
"That makes Yo' Daddy wanna shout." Galz.

Where, When, What shall we begin to gather 'round?

W'hut's... that Nancy, Tabled?"