Tuesday, November 6, 2007

"Yanka-nucks" lay the marks, abreast (b) lubbers, "Thar she blows, Byes!"

Any cursory survey of the 'might be right' websites,
Reveals a curious pattern, fear+loathing of debate.

Any comment on their incessant, easily checked,
(google, wiki) blatant, factual errors,
Soon meets grape-shot.

Yr. "A raving, anti-Christ Moonbat." +(Laff Trac)

That's it. The rebuttal. Full Stop.

When the perps are just prancing, post-pubescents,
(Under 50:)
This adolescent idolitry, of self abuse,
Is sometimes just jejeune.

When Bigotted, Old Bozos invoke
Grand Parental 'privy-all-edge'
Calling it macaroni,
That's egregious.

Canuck con-blogs are routinely, mini-
Rush/Michelle manques, oneway way wingnuttia,
"Pissed Off Texans With Guns" always a fav.
Mimico-graphed, en direct,

From, "Head.. Q-war-ters" as Jocko T. usta say.

Canuck prog-blogs are routinely whiny, pathetique.
With news of cats, colostomys, silly semi-
Similes, "If the Venitians hadn't gone blinds,
It would be curtains, for everyone!"

Whence debate if there is no Commons?

What a loss to social intercourse that,
Akin to their spanky wanky yankee heros,
Our raff can't riff, either,
Except, auto-erraticaly.

So here's Yr. query o'day, Dear Dittos:

If Gandi could end the Brit Raj, emancipating
Hundreds of millions,
With a handful of salt,
Would a Moose lick Lot's Wife?

Best blowback from the gangsta blogga,
Tory gunslingers so far?

Wee Jay Currie, Dodo Frump wannabe.

"boreal? = some kinda bear, on peyote?"

Ah..."Yeah, that's the ticket!"

"You wish," sez Goldberry.

"Let go, Starboard."