Sunday, November 25, 2007

Mayberry's, "Barrel-o'-Busch" Putsch, Solo_Brau Now, How far the Harp, How high the Moon?

Somewhere... faint..... music,
How.....sweet.....the tune?

(As Mary usta say of Paul,
"Affordable, jus' Les."
Still Cookin' moreover+lately
Notwithstanding, sitting down.
Top Pick.)

Ah Bushy, "Dare-ya" on duh, Airya.

"Yodeleydee-tee, Yodeleydee-ooh
Who can we get to, "Da doo-ron-ron?"
Harmaniacally, (with G2?)
Inna dicky-duo, acappella, okey dokey,
Hunky dory, sticky fingers.
Sayz da Boyz, in range of us, w/da guns +

Long gone, Tony (Da Poodle/Piddle) Blair,
Chief asst. to Crusade 'r Babbitt,
New Brown, now nosing out,
Slipping+proceeding independently.

"Finally!'' Pepys' Sam+Nick Monserratt+Alistair+Farley,
"+Peggy+Noam+Maude+Linda+Stevie+Pauline J.
"+Emily C. ch'tc'hing Bill's read, (potlatch)
"Wealth, in Commons."

"...Arroooooooooh!" sez dos lobos, (des loos)
+Plus des nous, wolvers.

'Sure, 'tis a tearrible burden o' privet lodges,
"Orienting to 'Others'
Than one's Own-(Sweet)-Self, ehya.
"Lookit all of 'em Oysters, Wally!"
"Needs old lingos, Chimo savvy?"

Perverz (da Con) Much-$herrif, no catch'em,
"(Oh, Sin-laydin') Where ya gonna run to?"
Spot o' bother with, "Loco Demos" jus' like
"Our Busto!" boyo-hiya-hay-a-bay'us-nono.

The native's returned, to Rejakavik.

Lately, John of Oz discovers? billabongs,
Long gone dry! (Jolly/Good) Cobbers,
Oz-Mites myke changeroos, Bluey,
"Swagman Water-Boarded!"
Shed still windy? Cockatoo too?
Top Lad, Rolf.

Gunybaray, on alla Yrs.,
Long my She Ryynn! ehya!

Sotto Whom does Himself turn for succor,
Pucker and cover, whilst waning gibberous?
Ex-Post factotums, contrition-eers?
Los' migras beda be-leavers?
(Except some beavers)
Inna Coalition? Evidently.

Buttsee, many a mickle still mak's a Muckle
So Doh, $ee-Do Yr. Partners, Folks.
All Lame Men, Left'a'aboot,
Galoots, loot a lodz like,

Vesputin, G2's soul-mate/heart-throb, soon lost
That lovin' feelin', having sussed the
Benthicy depths, of Shrub's fuck-wittedness.
(Beer sale?+Troop Ship? No can do?? Fubar!)

Berlesconi's rigatroni's sin, inna pasta.
Treats, al frisco. (sous la table de ma Tante)

Le CutieSark, (nouveau) a Paris street Kid,
W/ (real) Masters' Degrees,
Ancient, old worldly (Hungarian!)
No bless obligaTory,,
Effing Nobility.

A Lui, da Shrub's, "Une poule, passante et pissante"
Pleasant (piquant) pluckings, foie gras.
"Peut'etre Mardi prochaine, du Choregeee?"

So Where on (diss) Earth,
Can a gimp, limp, bimp, fucka duck?

(Look out hits, 'acomin' 'round, agin' Folks!)

Who never gave a flyin'_!
(viz. ANGT+AWOL)
Find a fellow (FW) to share in,
"Da Plan, Boss"?

"Someone lickus, unnerstan's da base(sic)
"Values in d'Alliance!"

"Shucks Mah, (Bah Brahmine, Bossy also)
"Ah'm 'agittin' a'friggin' inna riggin'
''Ah'm a'Castro (-ped/ranged/) rodeod Gringo, 'agin'!
"+Dat's no bull, Mah!"

"Hugo? Evo? Gitmo? YoYo, Mah?"

"Uppity Tinpots, (Dicks! Mater!)
"On All Fronts! Mah!"

"Ah, butt one: hiya Harp, ehya."

"Leadin' to a neo-kinda righteous,
"Up North, among da commies. "

So good, so far, TNS+F now,

Fab Falsies, Southering, 'Weak Military'!
'Truthiness'? ehya-heya-noh-k'y-0t0?

"Northa' 49ers? Lak 'em 'Frisco queers, Dickster?"

"Ah MisPrez, You go, (yup)
"Yuh gott'er Potus (Pilot)
"Lead on GW!" (some [half'a] league, eh?)

"So, When's launch, Lynn?
"Whaddaya hear from da Rummys?
"Slam-Dunk, Da Pesto, Contrary Colin,
"Turd 'n Karen? Scoot 'n F'Ari?

"Gotta pretext, Xmax grifting!"
"Whutzup Mary?
"Can spoons gag, under-water? wiki later.."

The NeoNat Wet Dream of a greater,
Co-Prosperity Demi-Hemi Sphere.

"'YeeHaw, Stampede 'em Boyz!"

1/Poor, thirsty, hungry, homeless, hunted
Haunted Workers, from everywhere,
"Fais dough-dough, don'tcha?"

+Tazzzers? Dandy collectives, chips,
Amongst other, speicious neo-bargoons,
Under, the table, handed.

2/Yanqui "NoHow"Tm. plenty pats. pend,
(Wall St.>Ranch>Us)


3/"All those, ah, "Back-Forty" bits of
"Soviet Canuckistan!" seemingly,
"Suddenly," as Arte J. usta say,
"Verrrry ah, (point cig-holder, up) Int'rasc-ting:)"

Riparian Pubics, big on fluidity.

Watch: M. Shadows, TVO, twin-bill, Next,
(Precious fluids, birdee numnum-numbum 'um, Son!
"You'll answer to Coke, for this, Mandrake!"

Sez da Rose, (Tx. yellow) to trusty
(Neither -Apu/-apoo, nor -Joy, nor -Juicy, wtf?)

"Where ever, shall we find such a horse, Dick,
"So ignorant of Trojans, huh?"

"How 'bout Stiffy, Stuffy? Stubby? ahya, Steverino!"

"Da one s'poses licq Moi, inna
"Prophylacty-FlackyJacky, (inside out)
"Photo w/da Troops?
"Heh, heh, huh?"

"That'll do, Sprig."

Zoom in: Try Larger,
Be Bold Me Heartys!

Welcome home to Massey, Kiddo,
"Long may She roam......Helpless."

Open da (GD) roof, Ya Goofs!

"Fritzy, Dr. Bert, Buddy T., (Injun?)
" J.J.>T.C! G.S.H. esq., VanP., Kenny,
"Choo-Choo, Pepe, J.J.(+Leafs!)
"Zazu, Da Lincoln, Deiter, Mini-Mac, Milt,
"+A singular MinneBud bloomed northerly,
"Jeepers creepers!" some Galz, still (g)rant.

"Tony P. "Eye-chart," Pulling Guard!
"Le Gen Mon-petite Verdi,
"Best ever QB, when he could see,
"Between, over, around, under the lines,"
" +George?"
Well Chillums, ecoutez ici,

Latecut Importants, whod'an "Oppo"
To try, sooner or laterally, to impede,
(in any way) a young Jim Brown,
Came North only to find a
Faster Back-

"Not, 'nother nigra, scat-back,
"Jus' one o' da Boys, up chere, Bub."
"Strong+free, in Canada, eh?

-On a, "F-ing Huge" field,
"Who was some tough!"
On the D, (yards-wize)
Mes Cheres Enfants.

"Mon pays c'est hiver" Some still chantant, fous,
Sweet Prairie Meadows' Melodys,
Jaunty Jolies Alouettes.
C'est un Cri-de-Couer, - Sis.

Wind, Rain, Sleet, Snow,
Mud, Ice (Fog!)
Tous ensemble, rond en rond,
L'on y dance, l'on y dance.

"Gold'n Blues...forever, still, "
"Those Greens sure are,
"Prime Prairie Party Footys." Pals,
Of whom there are rarely enough,
"Vrai Canucks."

A Game, for The Cup,
Play up, Play well, Play Fair.

Hot Tip:
Hey Horatio!
In memoriam, (Marcel M.) mutely syncho a
Strayhorn part, in celebraytion, plastic,
Gesticulate con brio,
We'll gitcha, mo' bettah!
Mo'blatta upsets us airport Coyotes.

To da rye, Ginger!

Bonne Chance, Ah Canada.

UPDAte: maundy Monday, agin'?

Jolly good for Jolis Greens, on+off the Field.
+All CFLers who took the time to remind
Certain, Hoot-in- (Big City?)-Ninnys aboot,
Canada, Eh.

Mudhens+Sage Grouse can all agree,
Paul(Da Best, Ever, Any Sport, Anywhere)
Dojack, would get a kick
Outta Today.