Tuesday, November 27, 2007

small incidents in solar incidencence

A far (northern) frog, of our aquaintance,
Prefers to take the sun on a deadheaded,
Semi-sunken, ancient White Pine, in Lily-pad cove.

Alee of prevailing winds, southerly ex,
360 vantage, in a curiously, singular spot,
Top o' da log, nicely interstitial, in consistant
Sunlight, from dawn to dusk,
Bono photo primo loco, ici.

While his (dwindling) company of mates have (long)
Burrowed in for the seasonal snooze,
There he was, (mid-November) catchin' rays,
Grinnin' (un) annui. (ed)

Suddenly a great, grayish goose,
Out of the high, honking skein,
Swooping down,
No talons, (raptorous pause)
Jus' gulp, gone!

Wilderness is a wonderful teacher but,
Frogs in November, gobbled by a goose??

Yesterday, a strange e-mail ribbetted in.


Well! We'll be a (rhino) bufo!

Sez we're remembered kindly, from the old hood.
Sez Florida Beachfront Available,
Never-never plan mortgages, cheap fire-water,
Many widows, (nae t' mousey)
Buy all means, Free Fruit Flys, Everywhere!

Sez us (reply) WTF happened to you?

Sez F.F., "Suddenly all was dark+discomboobulated,
"Nicely damp, pleasantly warm, so I burrowed 'round,
"After much trial+error, in the end, found
"A portal, stuck out my head. We were high
"In the sky! At first, the goose didn't hear me.
"When I got his attention, from behind,
"Over the honk-a-thon."

"How high are we?" sez us.

Flap, flap, flap, flap, honk,
Geese take their time,

"About 3200 feet." Sez he.

"You wouldn't shit me, wouldja, Mr.Goose?"

"Take a gander, I'm a South Beacher now.
"Locos say, lotsa prime pads, bored babes,
"Swash m' buckle!"

"Had da ride, so here I bide, woohoo!"

"Spanish lesson at 5, - - - -^
"Manicure at 6, - - - -
"Who says, you can't teach, - - - -^
"Old frogs, new tricks?"

Wilco(x) Roger+out.