Saturday, November 3, 2007

"Good" Noose, from Wet Jet!

Among the many irregularities, plaguing the great "American" body politic, these days,

Nooses, knee-slap "Reminders" of the good ol'
Plantation Days,+ Administration "InfoDumps."

It's their M.O. their I.D.

A newtech version of the ancient needle
In the haystack challenge, with
Just a faint whiff, of the whip.

Where some small prize say, TRUTH is
By riffraff, in a huge pile, of chuff, chaff and bullshit.

A Zillion, triaged, edited, redacted, photo-shopped,
Inadvertantly missplaced,(bad puppy) e-mails,
Do Not, comme l'evidence germane,
Leviatrate to any Level of Sworn Testimony.(TT,TWT+NBTT)

"Dana! Once more! For us slowpokes: SVP,
"Who's Not getting, How MANY Pages, of What? When?" Oh,
"Well, it's clearly obvious, ya gotta, 9/11, Right?"

Dana makes, Scottie "Jr. Mac+Frys, W/Toy"
Seem a trenchant, suave repartisto.

As Dan admonished Jane, on ancient SNL,
Back when it was mildly amusing,
"Dana! U ig........ut!"

Yet another ancient, proven, settled/ stari decisis,
Since 1215! The bedrock of the "Common Law,"

Joining the other "Quaint"!
Pillars of Due Process,
Habeas + Ex post facto, nil illegitimus,

Discarded/ignored! By Bushy Solons,(Hon)LLDs,
Summa Ignoramus, Reagent Res Collages at
Bah Ram U. (Go Flockkers!)

Same braintrust, now weighing Nuclear Options,
Vis-a-mort, Iranis, Et tous des nous!

12 long months of 'survival' shuck+jive, comin' down.

THEIRS'... NOT (Y)OURS, Gntl Rdrs.

Our Patience, is no virtue here.

Today, Wet-Jet, 'Rt-On' Mini. of Protecting
Canadians from Charm, Islamo-Fascism, etc
Had some 'good' noose for us mooks,
From Joey, (who's from Leaside!)

"Hey Whatever? Seems fair to Dublya?
(Sotto voce)
"We're jus' as 'PissyPants' as he is, Yup,
(Allegro con brio)
"But TOUGH, on crime, don'tcha.."

NO! As the Bears in the Woods often say,
"A whole Day? Without our Charmin'!..."

BlackBears use Blueberrys,
To communicate.
"Yeah you too, Sandra."

Better news:

According to many 'troubled' sources, accidents, injurys,
Deaths, via jet-skis, recreational snowmobiles,
ATV's + handguns in homes, all up sharply.

Life in the pool slowly evolves.

Omar Khadr, sadder budweiser, for the assidious attention,
To the "Letter of the Law," in re Canucks Abroad,
"We'll tell ya, who's errant."
By Harpoon+crew, shall surely be cheered by this,

Timely, Co-mingling of Canuck+Yankee,
Dungeon, Torture + Kill fetishists',


U go, Wet Jet Coi!
(Avril's anthem to coarse, bottom feeders)

Somebody dropped their pint!
Maritimes to batten'er down Byes.

La Vente Mechant, Pas Keewadin ou Mariah,
C'est Noel.

A la prochaine, mes Amis.