Thursday, November 1, 2007

"Bush Throws Down! On Tubesters!"

A Brief Synopsis: Today:
Run-aroun'-Sooey, again gave us,

"The 'Spee'acha" (#2873+counting) regurgitated
Grimly, sans brio, ad sominum, to some
Hemi-demi-semi quavers, nary a Hooha,

At the "F.U. Farley,
Con Club, Social Luncheon," IO/RSVP.

("Premium" washroom passes, dance lessons,
lemony moist, hot towels, O/S at coat-check,
No cheques or plastic, SVP)

"Let's put 'em together for some Hocus Pocus
"Diddlyocus, from Yr. very own SCOTUS POTUS!"

Buckeroos yahoo, prelim swaggers+smirks,
Pursing, squinting, "Ah, Howdy Folks,

"Ah'm h'ar tuh tol' Ya, agin'" moue,

"9/11, here, not there, 9/11,
"Blue Meanies! 9/11
"War there, not here, 9/11,
"War costs, gimme! 9/11,
"Hey, be us? You betcha, 9/11
"Advise+Consent? fuggit'er,
"9/11, Me Decider, 9/11,
"U STFU!" 9/11.

"Ya don' like it, U Flockkers?
"Condi's pal Gitmo's sum ol' be'atch!
"We gots, ah, broads, boards, sumthin'
"Not jus' fer surfin' See!
"Volley ball nets, an' everthang,
"Heh, heh, heh, Huh? Who? ME?"

Jesus, wearying of the stretch drive,
Usually batting clean-up for the Lone Ranger,
Was a late scratch so, the game changed.(QED)

"Ummmmmm, that right, Kemosabe."
"U hold the bag, Pronto."

Just a long fairway wood, awful lie!
Wet rough, katabatic gale coming from
"Amen Corner,"
You can SEE the artificial flowers,
Hear the painted creek, RaeJay!
SMELL the $$$!

"Goin' fer'er! Ma!" comme l'habitude,

Our own Doofus, Dizzy(The Don)Dublya,
(or nuttin' fer all 'yas)
Crooks+squints, wiggles his (g)assets,
Purses+puckers, preens+.. When,

Red Alert: New Targets on the Range,
Cheney on trap. Pull!

Dub's flying flail, a slap-shot style,
Swinggg-gana... boomerang slice at: "Three!"

Well natch, everybody knows, now.
For Oh'Rileee tol'em so.[yeh'ass Jay'sus]

2/Code Pink!=Lenin Sisters? As if!
Some L.Welk fans took this as a diss,
To their gruntles, a bubble breaker.

Some standard boiler-plate, 'Quisling Dems,'

Nothing on DixChix, or the "Funny" little knots,
Laying around, lying lately, locally.

"Looting=Democracy" right Rummy?
"Comment ca va, vous vacances,
"Dans La Belle, Vieille France?

"See Simon, we only lash, to a degree.
"Gotta stress 'at position."

(We all, da nigras, on dis' planetation, Folks)

3/All us plumbers, in those "Tubes"
Augering in the steamy stables of
Lies+Disasters, over and over, still! yet!

A Two-Bit, Urban, Texan Dope,
Back Cursading, Children.

Speaking of a nice fables,
There's a Gorey Story
About many, happy, little bugs,
Some blue, some red, some yellow beset,
So one day, out on their constitutional,
They say, "Let's Roll" for

"Life, Liberty, Truth, Justice and
"The 'American Way' to go Boyz."

Mohandas, ended the British Imperial Raj,
For hundreds of millions,
With a handful of salt.

Let the Pubics wonder+fret,
"Would a Moose Lick Lot's Wife." Yeah?

"First, they ignore U, Then they laugh at U,
"Then they fight U
"+Then, U Win."

Mahatma coat! (goldie quip, author?) Gandi-ji.

Aweigh, Me Hearties! We'll 'ave yon sillycons!

"'Taint enow't, to breast the Cape,
"She's still a far, fair piece,
"From Table Bay, to hot Hormuz!
"Ready'er, to 'Slip+Proceed'"

(Note to Trekkies: 'S+P' Way mo'betta, "Engage?")