Tuesday, November 27, 2007

"Harper Tans, Hides, Shops for Zinnias, Dark (In) Continence Whilst on Safari."

Having belatedly, begrudgingly, blundered into
Dar es Salaam, (RSVP stale-dated, IOU's NFG)
Joey (phew, who salaami?) from Leaside,

"Clearly" only (peripherally?) ta Sandra, a junket?

Buggering off, again, to escape
Much, richly deserved approbrium,
Chez lui, Canuckistan.

Notre Chef, Homme des Affaires Mondiales,
Who, unlike Mel, doesn't mind a big pot,

Weighed in on "The Strike," against Barrick Gold,
Where his deep (local) knowledge is 'clearly'
A great, ba (da) boon to negotiations,
"..Jus' lookin' after Canadian Interests.." eh?

There's this "Union"??
(Workers Joey, collective barganning, due process?)
Different than Alliances, say among Churches, or
Neo-Nit-wit CHC's.
"Heavens t' Murgatroid, Bobalouey!"

The (depressingly) usual crap:
Outrageously, the Watu are (asking?) for,
Cleaner, safer situs+(some?) participation
In (some?) of the Giant Profits,
Fais Dough-Dough!

Share holders+execs richly deserve their,
"Reasonable" rates of return, right?
"Free Trade"
F.(Rt.)Off, Swahili., right?

Their Country, Their Resource,
Via Their Land, Blood, Sweat, Tears etc.
Their Common Wealth, our Partners!
Joey's "Interests"?

Those Commie rat-bastards!

We shouda/coulda sent Mel, or
Any Boddeeeelse, ehya.

Touring Canucks should consider
Replacing TNS+F flags on Tilley Togs,
Decals, patches, tee-shirts etc.
W/Southern Cross on Ozzie Bluey.

Better a dry billabong than,
Da Lone Ranger's L'il Beaver.

"Ummmmuh, dat Right, Chimo savvy!"