Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Flaherty's Phoney Flattery

Having already demonstrated their trust-worthiness on energy, climate, women and wildlife,

Harpoon and his exchequer, Wee Gimme+Flannery,

Are blowing our 'liberal' "Surplus" on tax cuts,

"Gotta grow the economy."
(GWB! ad nauseum)

Whose economy, Jimster?

Happy Canuck consumers, Hooha! needn't wait 'til next year to spend this windfall, 'cause that's what plastic is for, Yeah?

"Dietech'll squeeze the the last drop of
Equity outta the shack, enaways, soon."

Savvy Santas should stock up on puffers, epi-pens, PFD's and water, not in toxic plastic bottles, for the babes.

Will Annie sing tomorrow, or will she need guns?

$MAS displays, WUWT! up well before,

(Hebrews: 5:7 "...Jesus Wept..")

All Hallow's Eve? (+20C in GTA!)

What Would, be nice, for the "Kiddies"

Is a break, in the all pervasive, non-stop

Bullshit. Everywhere. 24/7.

Aside from the usual electioneering,

This "MiniBud EcNotion," beneath the mask is

"Quick Response Time. Why? Rapid Melting, in

CDN Retail "Outlook" for the annual money shot.

Flogging foreign novelties, produced,

Transported, at ENORMOUS COST,

From workers with very, very, little,

To people with lots, who don't need it,


Welcome to Wal-World, "Wow widgits!"

The "Outlook" is to "Look Out!"

US "Outlets, "Order those scarce, extra

"U/A Humvee Cash Wagons, NOW.

"A Tsumani of Canuck Ca$h is a'comin'!"

The better to "Deepen" the ties, that bind.

Notice, one rarely, hears a discouraging word,

Re: Bush World, from Harpoon et al?

Sic transit Canadiana.

Meanwhile, back in our H+NL,

We'd best soon, look to that

"Leak in the Attic" Folks.

ANYONE, who has ever lived or worked,

In the Canadian Arctic, spent

(Not a photo op, in some nouveau Hostel,

With the "Nanook Nook Igloo Bar,")

TIME on the LAND, watching, listening, KNOWS.

It's not the changes, anymore, nor how fast?

It's how fast it's changing, faster.

More, "Happy, happy talkin' happy talk!"

From the CongratulaTORYS.

These 'economic melts', also anthropogenic,

Are irksome, to some. This Arctic Melt,

Shall be truly "Awesome" for all the Kid's

+Hallowe'ens, down the road. Boo, Who? US.


Inuvialuit MMP's unanimous in remarking,

"Ottawa, Sending the odd drone,
"Up North, is nothing new."

Drip, drip, drip. November! Remember?