Wednesday, October 3, 2007

"Alert's in the Arctic, Dew U Hear it?"

We haven't the slightest wish to alarm anyone, but does anyone else recall some recent little things, about the weather, everywhere?

The Droughts, Fires, Floods, Mudslides, Earthquakes,Tsunamis, Hurricanes, Avalanches, Tornados, Cyclones, Coral Bleaching, Oceanic Heating, Drift Nets, Mid-Pacific Gyre Knee Deep in Plastic, No Fish, Frogs, Toads, Newts(1), Birds, Butterflys, Worms, Fun, Spring, Hotter Summers, Long Later Autumns, Weeny Winters, Wide spread Extinctions and the Great Melting?

Well Folks, we've put so much Smoke into the Biosphere that it's a little perturbed.

Why, 'cause we got will, as is our wont.

"Mission Accomplished" in the battle to show who's Baas.

As to what/who is "Prevailing," lick Yr. (anything) and hold it up.

Actually, we're now tied, with archeobacteria (early oxy dealers), for making Archimedes longest lever, so far.

Evidentially, our new Quest is for the Shortest (Lifetime) in the Major Leagues?

The difficulty, here, is that we're also (Rats!), the fulcrum, and we're standing on the majority of all Life on Earth.

That Melting goes on 24/7 today, in October, SW Melville! ( Above 70N!) varies directly as we love to Smoke.

Not indoors, of course, but you might find it increasingly blustery outside.

Let's Kick?

Energy (Kyoto) is easily done at Home, we shall be delighted to tell you why and, if you so desire, show you How, on the House as 'twer.

Otherwise, changes in attitude about climactic latitudes will avail us naught.

Pass me that shaker of salt, SVP, Jimmy.

Hear the dri_, dri_, dri_, dri_, dri_?

The "p" is silent, as in swimming.

Dew drop a line, from time to time.

Happy paddling.