Friday, October 26, 2007

"Condi Cruises Back East," But Brandy's still Dandy.

The Chevron Tanker, originally christened the "Condoleezza Rice" in honour of their busy, well-connected Executive, you may recall,

Was hastily "re-framed" into the "Altair Voyager,"

Sailing still with, for, and buy OIL.

Master mariners never re-name vessels, to do so mocks

The Prayers of those who go down to the Sea in ships.

Bold Bushys phoney, photo-shop and re-frame, anything they can get their grubby mitts on, to hide motive, baffle the unwary.

Reconsidering Masefield's "Cargoes" when,

Strange, how evocative some Levantine exotica? Yeah?

All of Araby isn't as "Swarthy" as Run-around-Sooey and his minions would have us believe.

Some Lebanese is blonde.

"Condo Rondo"

In an Eastern Land on the Shabbat Day,
Chaverim, take the time to pray;
Torah tells 'em, they are the chosen ones
As they thank their Lord, for the Promised Land,
She drops by to lend a hand.

Loud Likudis cry, Condi! Yr. a Shiksa,
What a good life, shvartze Sistah,
Give us more guns, who could it hurt?
Another bomb or two, yes indeed,
Just a mitzva, what we all need.

In the Levant souks, the Muezzins call,
To Hezbollah, in their busy stalls.
Praise the Prophet, he's the only one.
Our Katyushas, though they often stray,
Keep those infidels at bay.

And the Mullahs cry, Condi! Shake Yr. booty,
Far away from old Baghdad,
See, P.A., Abu Ghraib and Blackwater,
It Saddam shame, or even worse
Praise be the, cheque's in Yr, purse?

Dans la Maisonblanc, they philosophize,
Life begins, when men are makin' eyes;
"We're tasked b'god, there is no other way.
In our "Plans" if 'Others' get the hurt,
Just more dough, for Halliburt."

Whinging LouDee crys, Condi! Yr. a Great "Take"
What a fine Prez you would make;
Frist, deport those migrant workers,
But not the ones that make us rich.
Not to fret, we'll tell you which.

Down the Delta, on the Mississip,
Where da 'Corps'' levees, are such a hit,
Feel the breeze, look out it comes again.
FEMA's great, at laying low da Law,
Yr. trailer's here, in Arkansas.

Reps+Sens all cry, Condi!, Twinkle Toes
You are mighty, lak' a Rose.
At recess time and in each Session,
We wont Delay, those fees so green,
Stic(K)y cash should never be seen.

While many pray, each day for possum stew,
Dead-Eye Dick, does doves on the Q,
And says "F.U." to all and sunders us.
Rummy averred, "Well,that's how it goes!
About those 'throes,' well heaven knows."

"Other" people cry Condi! Get a grip!
Listen more! Button up Yr. lip!
We Want Peace, Not just more of the Con.
Look out Gal, we're all on the brink
All swirling, down a fetid sink.

Iraqi Kids, Afghani children sue
For Peace, Why's War so fine by you?
Israeli babes and minor Muslims wish
Someday, Yr. words ring true
We're up to here, with all Yr. crew.

Strangely channelling the '72 #1 (with a bullet!)

By "Looking Glass"??

So what shall we concluded here, Alice?

Curiouser and Curiouser?

Dee Ye Thunk, we've had enough of Tweedle Dumb?