Thursday, October 11, 2007

Sour Grapes of Wrath, Un-Sweetened Thursdays.

1/The G+M and CBC report this AM that Multi Manifest Jerkoff and his Merry Bund of Yankee Clippers, need dossiers on any Canadian who flys through "Their (Air) Space," going anywhere, except Gitmo, or alternate Rendering.

Happily not domestic flights from anywhere East to anywhere West or visa versa, whose terrorible umbra may darken the North West Angle, briefly, en route.

This curious exemption is based on the novel (G.O.P.) theorum that the Earth may have some curvature, odd, considering how straight they all are.

In the end, "The Cheese Stands Alone."

This is a new "Shoot" on the hardy perennial, still very popular in Luger/ Luganland, that many, if not all of the 9/11 "Baddies," swam/paddled/snowshoed the 49th, after extensive RCAF/See Sis! training, here in Soviet Canuckistan.

Well, Stock, the Day has come.

Whattaya, Whattaya?

2/ Laura Bush now leads "The Home of Premptive Smart Weapons" advising Myanmar on rights and wrongs.

Condi (quietly) considers a new do, maybe something less flip?

3/"Shoot 'em ups" in American schools and associated MSM coverage becoming stale and formulaic, sadly, no leaping, as all sharks gone for soup.

Everybody weeping, "Why Us?" Duh!

The NRA/RNC 2nd Ammendment position being entirely settled Law, it should be mandatory that all students "Pack Heat."

J.K. is none to soon for "Yard Yanks" to learn the "Facts of Fire Power."

Imagine how useful a few dozen AK47's would have been to students at Kent State, or "Buy a Gun" and "Play@Home."

4/The Yellow Rose advises Congress that warrentless everything is mighty useful.

5/Congress rebukes Nato Ally Turkey over century old, (everyone knows it was a) massacre, there have been plenty and they are increasing in both kind and degree.

Takes up Beatification of Reagan, Jackson, Filmore and Custer on at least "Air Miles' script, if not, new (Indian Head) wooden nickles?

New RNC lapel pins, like the "Troop Ribbons" in design, feature stylized Knot on a Dixie background, affirming American Family hotcakes!

"Collateral Disaperatos" in neo-con Babylonian Captivity, all over the world.

Oil/Grease makes the Pubics lubricious.

6/Tribe spanks Yanks, Washington PigSkins flaccid in early going, there's a trick, ah knows is.

Generic: Mydixadryllin, "Ask Yr. Phar-Ma if it's Right for U!"

7/8.01% of the 4.5 million votes (52% turnout?) in Ontari-ari-o are Green, trebles previous Green support to almost NDP level, resulting in in ZERO Green seats.

NDP have Ten (10).

MMP fails, most assume the early "M" stands for mendacious,

WTF are 'upper down' votes, 60% needed to consider emancipating the serf's, where's the 'Clarity Act' when we need it?

8/+32C all along 60N (Arctic Circle) for Giving Thanks Hols.

Sub-Saharan Flamingos snapping up Great Slave Waterfront say "It's nice, but could use a little more seasoning."

9/Tony Clement denied Betty Bacall's hope to attend TIFF, on grounds of habitual "Bogarting."

10/Researchers RDF picks up a Deer talking to an Antelope, "I think I just heard a discouraging word."

11/Bonus for Inquiring minds, Tush Livitra promises to lead G.O.P. back to the Executive Washrooms, over Hillary's 'D.B.', IF, he's awarded the Nobel, for Peace.

You Go, Lush.