Friday, October 5, 2007

"Bad Blood, False Alarms and Lawless Limbo, War's Still A-Go-Go!"

The recent judicial decision of "No Fault," among the Managers, Senior, who decided "What the hey, it may be tainted, but let's get this invenTory moving," in the matter of the thousands of Canadians whose transfusions included HEP.C/ HIV, will come as no surprise to our Air India families.

Or to Health Care professionals, Worldwide, who deal with the reality of the "Goddamn Pusher Man" and "The System" daily.

Ah, for those (g)olden days, when the "Gipper" solved America's great moral dilemmas, between naps, by artfully acting.

Ignoring them in public, except to muse, offhandedly, on "Life Style Choices" in a carefully crafted, mellifluous, Marlboro, drawl, "Aw shucks Hon, I forgot to duck," with just a hint of the "Nashville Trace" to cheer the Base, and remind the uppity.

Like a Noose, in a tree.

When the SECDEF opines "'Well, in a democracy, stuff happens," the looters liberate lavishly, it's a known known, not an unknown known, don'tcha know.

"My Granma and Yr. Granma, Iko, Iko, I Know?"

Hey now, NOLA?

But it's hard to "Hang Ten" on the swell trickle down sets from the supply side.(How's that Mortgage comin' along, Folks?)

Lucky for us Canadians, we have a "New Tory Team," still minor(ity), but with a singular strategem, in Sex, and Drugs and War.

"Snappy Wet Towels and Wedgies," Chapter Three from "The Longhorned Playbook," purloined by a puckish panderer, whilst sniffing around locker rooms, until he found the cheerleader, a simple, "Gud Ol' Boy-in-Full" (Phillips-Eli-Haavaard), who could be taught to strum the gut-bucket Base.

Ronnie's Receipe Redux!

Note to Translators: "The Base" is:

Descriptive of Sextarian halfwits anywhere, who can be in/ se/ pro/duced, to do anything.

In American (English?) it's the GOP/RNC/KKK/NRA and the
"Our God 'S' Mites U First Church of the Golden Go Getters."
(Tm., tax ex.)

"Redemption for....Yr. Air Miles! Credit Available! Operators standing by 24/7, Hear Glen Beck Speak! Do it Now, On Yr. Knees."

All subliminally spoken, at a speed positively McLuhan/Manchurian, as, one might imagine, Ms. Ayn L. Colder, helpless on organic mescalito and Ripple, at a campfire sing-a-long, "Easy Ayny, that ain't no marshmallow."

About the Congregation, "Some herd, what the flock?"

Sad, Silly, Senile, Cialis Junkies, Fearful, Igno-Rant/Minious, Old, White, Black, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violent (G.O.P.)

Men, with 'chancy/fancy' pants, and their small mean minds,

Whose (long suffering) Women, still stand by their ???, with averted, downcast eyes, sighing, just another clue to "Family Values", Folks,

Who have plenty, for the "HeartBreak of E.D." and "Games at the Club," but not much for children's health or education, but "Every Sperm is Sacred,"

And when a "Sainted Seed" is in situ, "Well all you 'Sweet Little Gals,' don't chew be in no doubt as to WHO's runnin' 'iss hair Plantation",

Elsewhere, "al-Qaeda", is de fault.

"Base Maintainence" was the meme of the celebraTory performance, near confluence of "Muddy Waters" yesterday, by the "Three (s)Tory Tellers," part of their "Good News! Guess what? the Cheque's in the Mail" tour.

Stevie sang Base, Tony sang Terror, and Stock, well he did his best, then scooted off, on his little wet-jet, to check out those suspicious burkas/hijabs at the Forks.

See Sis, in a secret memo, ("These Eyes" only), had tipped, our chip (off the old chert) off, to the fact that some scarves from the Middle East are muslin...... OMG! The Smoking Hooka! Loose the hounds,

Shsssh, For God's sake, don't bandy this about, (loose lips etc).

See, Once upon a time, there were Laws that we made together, especially Laws about who makes, enforces, and interprets Laws and the First Law was that Law applied "Equally, To Everyone, All the Time."

We Decided That, All Together Then,

Today, now, all Law is a passing whim, a notion, that may occur to Bad Ass Baas Bush or his minions, who Love the New "Take" on ad hoc, pro bono.

See Folks, in case you missed it, there's only one "Decider," East or West of the Pecos.

Our Stevie's "Little Beaver" to Dub the Dude's avatar, (Swagger Gee's a Connecticut Beanie Boy, fer Chrissakes), the G.New, "Red Ryder."

BB's for brains, and the "!@#%&*x/ Bumpus Hounds!" ...on the loose!

Under Current U.S Law, The Yellow Rose, or his designate, can do anything, to anyone, anywhere, as much as he wants, as long as he wants, whenever he wants.

"Ex Post Facto, Anti-Impedimentarianism," (Leo and Milton would be proud), asserted by, parmi les autres, John (I am calling YOOoo, ou-ou-ou, ou-ou-ou) Yoo, a dimwitted "Shyster" of the First Magna, Dude.

American Psycho Taxi Drivers paddlin', way down the Chattahochie, and "Ya cain't get tuh Aintree" ... without dirty pants, Fun? Wow!

Among those millions of "Collaterals," one imagines, that some might have been quite nice, particularily the elderly, the infants, and the pre-induction YounG'uns?

Enaways, back to our "Branch" of the Alliance, up North.

Demonstrating, once again, his "Wonkiness" and encyclopedic grasp of Ethno-Botanicals, Steve stoutly, yet syruptitiously, snuck 'maryjane' right back into the "Narcotics Chapter" of the current P.D.R., again.

Nevermind, that EVERY Medical Journal, on Earth, states the converse, that Stevie, he's a sneaker.

It's "Le Dain" damn thing, over and over and over.

Abnorml, don'tcha think?

Sticking to the Spirit, shunning Devilish details, "Harpoon" (caucus nickname) left unsaid, just how the $64 MM's will be apportioned to salvage the afflicted.

For sure, it's safe to say that "Faith Based Tazszzeringzz," obviously, deserves more funding, it's proving so salubraTory to end-use-ments everywhere.

In other arresting news:

1/Those who follow our Afghani effort will be relieved that Gen. Rick has postponed his Tory leadership campaign, only TempORarilY, 'cause he really digs saluting Gen. Dan McNeill COM(ISAF), Cheney's personal enema-neccessary, in that troubled land.

Imagine how, The RT. Hon. Georges Vanier MC DSO Royal 22nd Regiment, might regard Cheney's (Chief Assistant to the Chicken Hawk Coward in Chief) Chicken Shit, descending on his/our valiant VanDoos, PPCLI, et al?

Oh well, half a league onwards.

2/The Hot sTory in Iqaluit: The new distribution center for A/C equipment has re-opened after repairs to the HVAC system were completed.

Evidently, the intakes are being occupied by small ill-eagle-like aliens, as nesting sites, strange cheery Cheechacos, untold in Inuit Lore.

"They're everywhere, they're everywhere, we'll be hard pressed to get rid of them" said an Tory spokesperson, " We may have to ah, mend the fly-laws."

Descriptions of the beasts, forwarded to the Canadian Wildlife Service, have not only gone unanswered, so has their phone service, which seems to have Stahlled.

Meanwhile, an native child, surfing the net, said "Hey Mom, it looks kinda like a robin, to me."

3/"I'd like to hear some funky Dixieland and dance a Honky Tonk, Old Blackwater keep(s) on rollin'.....all night long."

4/Canuck Exchequer Jim's new B.of C Chef, cautioned dilaTory remitters that, like death, taxes are mandiTory.

Well, it's in us to give, I guess?

Riddle me this, if Mahatma (coat, homespun) Gandi-ji could undo the British Raj with a handfull of salt, would a moose lick Lott's wife?

Nap Time.