Friday, October 26, 2007

"Harper's ( Latest ) Contempt For Canada, Count Her Veiling"

Canadians are no better, or worse, than any other nationality, just luckier.

Our "Location" is the Key to our Method.

We are, quite literally, The Top of the Northern Hemisphere,

Pelee to Alert, Cape Race to Haida Gwaii,

"This Land is Some Land."

In Western terms, this is where the Cold comes from, as our Southern neighbours love to gloat.

So begining, about 10-14 thousand years ago, the earliest settlers had to (get/stay) warm quick, or they were dead.

Over many subsequent migrations, from everywhere else on the Planet, the sine qua non was,

"Don't forget Yr. scarf and mittons,

"'Cause Yr. gonna need them." YBYA.

Before Limeys and Frogs could turn all the beavers, into hats!

"Say What? As If? Enough to Grey an Owl!"

A Strange currency, "Pop goes the Weasel."

Everyone had to learn survival. Long+lonely,

Moodiness, weather at wood, or in the

Prairie where, (woe is us) roses are difficult,

La ou, "Mon pays c'est Hiver."

Guess who taught 'em how?

Native Elders, thousands of year's practised.

In return, First Nations got NEW!

Germs, rum, guns and gods,

"Trade" agreements, morphed into "Land Deals,"

"Sovereignty Surrenders?"

Evidently, written in invisible ink.

Sic transit, Longhouse Confederates and Potlatches.

This climate, and vastness, always mitigated routine xenophobia,

Because native culture precludes letting anyone get,
Well, "Many are cold, but few are frozen."

In these isolated, small warm huddles, some commonality occured,

Metis Nation was born, (9 mos+10 secs) after the 1st French "Kiss!"

Now Canada is, by any measure, the principal example of multi-cultural unity on the Planet.

Stop + watch, any recess, any Public School, anytime.

Useful advice, tho' post hoc, to John Of Ont, et al

Soi disant, "Torys."

A "Rumpish" minority, of culty, religiouso,

Exceptionalists, insistant on absolute obesience,

TO THEIR notions, of manner and mores, 'cause


Deeply rooted and reasoned, in diddley squat.

CARELESS, of Conservation, Reasoned Debate,


"Quaint" it ain't.

The "Skipper" is the Right-On Harpoon, + doeshe!

Ever "Double Dutch," as doh! his U.S.Head Office's

Alberta Branch, retro-pubic "Handlers."

CONTEMPUOUS, of all but the "fellows," constantly whinging over

Anything, "Other." Fetishist/ Fascist,

Pubic White Boyz, fundamentaly phat,

Along with their rapturous, viscious handmiddens,

Occassionaly grasping, just enough of any issue,

To be not even wrong. (viz. les autres Faux ici)

Particularly, The Fossil Follies vs Kyoto.

A portly, petulant, pissant, posturing as Leader,

Bush Struck, enthralled with chickenshit, foreign and domestic.

That Climate's still here, changing fast, much, needs, soon.

So give a Big_? To Harp and Wet-Jet, en fin

THE DEBATE, Our #1 Security Issue,

Scarves, Mid-East muslin, on Canadian Voters?

Canada is a BIG COUNTRY, Joey!

You're just stunned, sans the "N" + the "RY"

You and that other OZhole Howard, sn-ugly,

In the RePubic's grouchy pouchy.

Naughty Kittens, lost their mittons.